Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A miracle is unfolding...

It has been an extremely busy day. Work was hectic and I pushed it to the very last second before we left to pick Addie up for our appointment at Lakeshore. We rush to the daycare, Chris signs Addie out and I proceed to her room in order to speed up the process. The class is outside on the playground. As soon as I walk outside, Addie's teachers told me the most amazing news!

Addie STOOD - ALONE today for the first time.
Time stopped.
Could it really be true?
I wanted proof, so Addie's teacher put her down, legs straight and she backed away from Addie and Addie STOOD - ALONE!

My heart was pounding. I couldn't comprehend what I was seeing.

Is it true? Is this one more miracle that our God is unfolding before our eyes? My angel, the one who would never walk, never talk and never function as a normal child, she was STANDING - ALONE.

My God, thank you.

I will post pictures as soon as I can. Say a prayer and thank God for this miracle. HE has a plan for Addie. It is a beautiful plan. I thank God that I am a part of HIS plan for my angel.


Nicole said...

Yeah Addie!!!! What a wonderful surprise for Mommy! She'll be off and running before you know it!

Jeremy & Kim said...

Way to go Addie!! I am so excited for you, and of course crying a handful of tears!! God is amazing.

Aunt Cissy said...

Yeah, what a sweet amazing girl! I can't wait to see her soon, remember tell her that her aunt Cissy will be getting older on the 13th. I look forward to seeing you four on Friday night hopefully. Love to you all,