Sunday, August 31, 2008

Do NOT touch the bear!

Apparently Chris didn't think the sign applied to Addie! No wonder the poor bear is missing part of its nose and eye!


It is the look of pure fear!
On our way into the barn to see the animals, we heard a rooster crowing. As we approached, he decided he was going to show off a bit! Addie was so frightened, but enamored at the same time! She couldn't take her eyes off of the rooster and every time he would crow, she would shake with fear and then when he stopped, she would laugh so hard! Silly girl!

Addie and Mommy!

We had the best time celebrating Addie's one-year and eight month birthday! Addie loved seeing all the animals at the farm and at the animal hospital. She took a nice long nap on the way home and then we went to the park to play (and for therapy) before heading to her favorite restaurant for dinner. Had Julien been with us, the day would have been perfect!

Oak Mountain Farm

Check out all the stinky animals! :)


I wonder what they were thinking of one another!

Happy Twenty-Month Birthday Addie!

She is so beautiful!

We celebrated Addie's twenty-month birthday by taking her for her first trip to see the animals at Oak Mountain. I am so blessed to have this day with Addie. She is amazing and I thank God for her!

Julien is away this weekend, I hate so much that he missed this time with us.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Too funny!

Jackson had no problem pointing out his eyes, ears and nose! Thank you Jackson for the anatomy lesson!


This tunnel has deep ridges in it and was not very forgiving on the knees. Addie wasn't real sure what to do, so she just sat back down, took a breather and people-watched for a few moments.

Play date at Gymboree!

After months of procrastinating (and just now finding the time), we finally took Addie to Gymboree Play and Music. We met Jackson there for a play date. Let me just tell you, we have been missing out! This is awesome therapy for Addie! She was so excited when we walked in and tried her best to wiggle out of my arms because she wanted down so badly to go play with Jackson. She had the best time playing on the slides, rocking horse, boat, crawling through the tunnels (like a pro!) and playing with all the balls! This has definitely been added to our weekly schedule! If I can find an appropriate date, Gymboree will be hosting Addie's 2nd Birthday Party. :) I have tons of pictures to post, but I'm just too tired. Enjoy these of Chunkus crawling through the tunnel! I was so impressed that she did so well! Chris was amazed and loved watching her tonight! Thank God for this opportunity! We felt so comfortable and welcome at this facility. I can't wait to go back!

Pure frustration!

I in no way want to seem ungrateful, but my frustration level is through the roof right now!

I found out tonight from the Mother of another special needs child about the services that are offered at The Lakeshore Foundation. I have always believed in the benefits of water therapy, but didn't realize how helpful it could be to Addie until tonight.

To cut out a lot of whining, I'll jump straight to my point.
The only therapy classes that are offered for toddlers are Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30-10:30.
Do therapy centers not understand that parents of special needs children actually have to W-O-R-K? Every therapy that I know of caters to stay at home parents. Do they think that only wealthy families want therapy for their children? The Bell Center is the same way, I am just blessed by God that I was able to work that out for Addie...but what about the other therapy that she so desperately needs? It's just not fair. There are three different therapy programs that I desperately want Addie in, but how does the average working parent do it?
Please say a prayer that I can figure this out. There has to be a way that I just don't see yet! Maybe The Lakeshore Foundation will start offering an evening/Saturday class!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

"I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in"

We got Julien's Halloween Costume last weekend. He wants to be a [were] wolf again this year, except this year he is going to be gray instead of brown. Had I thought about it, Chris, Addie and I could have been the three little piggies...Addie and I make great piggies!
I still can't believe Julien is grown up enough to want to be something scary for Halloween. Time goes by way too fast! :(

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Zip it!

I don't even want to hear it, from anybody!

For those of you who were around last Halloween, you know what an emotional time it was for me. The hunt for a Halloween Costume was really hard for me. Most people don't sit back and think about the little details of Addie's condition...
Most Halloween Costumes come with hoods or hats. Most hoods and hats don't fit Addie, so the average costume doesn't work for her. Last year, I found the perfect little costume at Gymboree. It had an elastic headband that fit perfectly! This year, I was on the hunt for a monkey costume. Every costume I found had a hood attached - of course. Addie is too young to paint her face to make up for not having the hood on, so I started thinking of plan B. I was hoping to find a really girlie monkey costume with a tutu, but of course that didn't happen. However, I did find THE PERFECT COSTUME and ordered it today. It does not have a hood or hat with it and I think it will be so fitting for Addie. Prior to Addie, I would have rolled my eyes at the people who spent an outrageous amount of money on a Halloween Costume, but I want so desperately for Addie to fit in that I am willing to pay whatever I have to in order to have her not stand out any more than she does.
Last year I caved a few days before Halloween and posted pictures, I wouldn't surprise myself if I caved way before then this year. I have already emailed Kim asking to see if she is available for a Halloween photo shoot (in addition to the twenty-one month photo session we already have booked). I can't wait to see my little Chunkus dressed up this year.
Thank you to Tutu Couture for supplying Addie's costume this year! (For all you other Mommies of little girls, you can design a tutu and have them handmade and delivered within four weeks!)

If you guys were walking in my shoes, you would be just as bound and determined as I am!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lab results

Dr. Dudgeon called this a.m. with the lab results from last Wednesday. Get this...

The Alkaline phosphatase level is now normal - was 1357, now 346.
Vitamin D level is low
Blood count is normal
She is no longer considered anemic
She was also tested for Celiac Disease and that came back negative.

Now, we just have to wait it out until October 31st for Addie's appointment with the Endocrinologist to discuss her growth hormone level.

Dr. Dudgeon said we could just consider the first set of labs, "spurious". I'll go with God's Grace instead.

Cute, cute, cute!

It's raining, it's pouring...

One more excuse to test out my camera. It was still raining on the way home today, but I had to stop and take pictures of the waterfall. It's not all that often the water level is this high.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Boo-boo number three

I am all about reading to my children and encouraging lots of independent reading from Julien. I try to read to Addie every night, but tonight was just crazy. I needed a few minutes to tidy up the kitchen, so I had Chris hold Addie and read a book to her. Not but a minute later, Chris called me into the den...Chunkus cut her finger on the book and was bleeding everywhere! We finally got the bleeding stopped and after two boo-boo band aids, her finger looks a little better.

She is so dramatic, when I asked her where her boo-boo was; she started by pointing to her right arm, then touched her finger and then looked over to her left arm! Poor baby, she has just been traumatized! :)

Rainy night

This dreary weather didn't stop Julien from playing with his friends this evening, but it put a big damper on Addie's evening stroll. We had to settle for playtime inside. Although confining, it did give me an opportunity to play around with my camera some more.

Check out Addie's new bath time baby - what a little chunk!

My little Chunkus is finally asleep tonight. Last night we had a three-hour playtime marathon between 12:30-3:30. Tonight was a huge battle to get Addie to sleep.
Oh well, sleep was nice while it lasted!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

P.F. Chang's and that's a wrap!

Celebration #5 came to a close and wow, did we have a good time!

(I took tons of meaningless pictures; I'm loving the camera!!!)

Chris and Julien went to see a movie this afternoon, while Addie and I enjoyed some girl time at the mall.

No boys + 2 hours + the mall = new baby, a trip to the Gap, Wolf Camera and Sephora

We all had a great time today and Chris chose to end the evening with dinner at P.F. Chang's. It was Julien and Addie's first trip and they seemed to really enjoy it. We had such a nice time at dinner and it was great to enjoy a stress free evening. Dessert was by far Addie's favorite part of the meal. I couldn't get the food in her mouth fast enough; she kept pushing my hand towards the food and then pulling it back to her mouth! Julien loved his food and the atmosphere and Chris and I were just happy that they were happy! :) Chris LOVED his present that we got him (he is so hard to please) and I am so glad that this day was so enjoyable for him!
Happy 35th Birthday, we love you!!!

The back side of 30

I can't believe Chris turned 35 today; I remember when 35 was old!

Everyone with the exception of Chunkus enjoyed a pancake breakfast this morning. Crabby Addie just wanted to go back to bed. We are chilling out (rare that we do), waiting on Chunky to wake up so that we can head out for a while.

I am so honored to be able to share this day with Chris, it's not everyday he hits the back side of 30! We love you!

Test subjects

Addie woke up super early (and last night) and is now back in bed for a nap.
I'm taking advantage of the time and figuring out all the buttons on my new camera.
A whiny little cat and sweaty little boy offered to be my test subjects.
Not too bad so far, the camera is amazingly fast!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Bye-bye again"

As we were finishing up dinner tonight, a former therapist from The Bell Center came in with her husband. Emily stopped to say hello and to hold Addie. When she was ready to walk away, she told Addie "bye-bye" and Addie responded with a sweet little, "bye".


Celebration #4

We met the family (meaning mine) at Leonardo's for dinner tonight. I don't know why my family is so opposed to having their pictures made...what little party poopers. So, these are the best I could get of the people that would even humor me. Dinner was good, my thighs are now five pounds heavier and we still haven't officially made it to Chris' Birthday. LAP-BAND anyone?

Mommy is rotten too...

Chris bought me a present today! I have been wanting to upgrade my camera for a while now and I finally got a new one! It is the brand new Canon Rebel EOS XS...oooh aaaah! For the professional photographers out there, this is a baby toy, but for me, it's awesome! I can't wait to try it out tomorrow.
Thank you Chris, I love you!


A fellow Mother of a special needs child, co-worker and friend has a son, Kace, who was nominated and won as Alabama's Representative for Children's Miracle Network! Kace will go to Washington in March to meet the President and then will spend a week at Disney World. Kace is an amazing child who has beat all the odds and his Mother, Shiann, is a true inspiration to me.
Children's Hospital has a featured story on Kace on their website - the video is so touching:

Friday, August 22, 2008


How cute are these?

The stroller is what I had in mind...before I saw the baby buggy! Addie isn't really ready for the stroller just yet - by the time her birthday gets here, I hope she will, the buggy would be perfect! Every child gets a visit from the Labor Day Labrador, right? You know, the doggie that brings presents and leaves them on the front porch for children who excel in the month of August? Right? I don't even want to hear it. Yes, she has the shopping cart, cozy coupe, big girl walker and train, but this is different! She doesn't have a baby buggy! Oh, holy cow, I just officially turned into a Mommy of a G-I-R-L....I'm looking at baby strollers and buggies and saying they are a must have! How did that happen?