Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Following the path - my AMAZING news!

I typed the email, reread it twice and heart pounding, prayed. I prayed that HIS will would be done and I prayed that I was following the path that was chosen for me according to HIS plan.

I hit "send" and waited.

I hope you understand at this point that I am just trying to follow the path that is laid out before me. I am trying to show this world the miracles that our God is performing through my daughter. I am trying to tell the world of HIS works. I am trying to educate this world and help people understand that children, like my daughter, are a gift - from God. I am trying.

I typed an email to the Publisher of Birmingham Parent Magazine and pleaded my case. I wanted so desperately to have an article written about Addie's condition so that I may educate as many people as possible. I wanted the opportunity for Addie's "voice" to be "heard". I wanted a chance to do God's work.

Our God has allowed this work to be done. The amazing publisher readily agreed to my request and (unless something unforeseen happens) there will be an "Addie Article" in the March edition along with her picture on the cover!

I prayed so hard for this! I pray that this article brings joy to at least ONE person and will give at least ONE family the hope that was possibly taken away from them.

Please say a prayer that this all works out. This is God's work, not mine.