Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pictures of the day!

Monkey and I were inside making hot chocolate when all of a sudden, Monkey started crawling full speed to the front door.
She loves Julien so much!


aunt cissy said...

That is so sweet, yes you can tell she loves her big brother. It is great that they have each other.

Love always!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words about our business you wrote a few posts back. :) We all appreciate the time you took out of your busy day to think about us.

I had wanted to mention it before, but I forgot until this week when the cooler weather hit.... We have in our warehouse Baby GAP White Fur Boots and we would love to give Addie a pair! They come in sizes 4thru 9 (I think one of these would fit her). I'm not sure if she would enjoy them, if not, it's perfectly okay, but we would also like to give a pair to all the little girls in her class if you think they would like them and they would fit. I know that your life is somewhat "adventurous" right now, so if you want to send a friend or family member in that will be fine. Just let me know. :) Thanks again!

Laura Lynn
sales at loadingdocksouth dot com