Thursday, October 16, 2008

As I was laying there

patting Monkey's back at 2:30 this morning, hoping she would drift off to sleep, I was in deep conversation with Julien (in my mind of course). It is odd how things come into my mind, but as Monkey was waking me from my sleep, all I could think was how I needed to tell Julien how important Engineering School is.


Somewhere in my dreams or in a deep place back within my mind, Julien wanted to enlist in the military.

What hit me in that moment was that I cannot begin to comprehend how a Mother sees her child off to war.

The military life is beyond difficult. My father was a World War II Veteran, my eldest brother is a Vietnam Veteran, my youngest older brother is a Desert Storm Veteran and I was married to the military. I support our troops and feel honored that our freedom and lives are protected by those who serve in the United States Armed Forces.

Yet, I was having an imaginary conversation with my nine-year-old son at 2:30 this morning, discouraging him from choosing the military life.

I don't know if it is the media that placed these thoughts in my mind, a dream, a fear of where this election is taking us and what will become of our lives and country in another nine-years or if it was the pack of Reese's Pieces that begged to be eaten right before bed last night. All I know is I have the conversation all planned out...just in case Engineering School doesn't look so appealing nine-years from now.


Polly & Steve said...

Jenn, I know how you feel, My grandfather was in WW I, My Dad was in WW II, My husband was in Viet Nam, and with the time came my Son Bill joined the Navy reserves (which I was truely terrified) Thank goodness he was out before any of the Wars, and I also support our troops! My husband was never the same happy go lucky guy that he was before he went to war and I so didn't want that for my Son. But I pray daily for our Country and the World. God Please take care of us all in these troubled times.