Wednesday, October 29, 2008 was worth it.

We took advantage of the fall festival at a local church tonight. It was so cold!

I had Monkey all bundled up in her winter gear and turned her into a kitty with the wisk of my magic eyeliner.
Julien was out playing football with some friends, we stopped, picked him up and he was good to go as well - Number One Steelers Fan!
Monkey did fine for the first few minutes until we encountered the scariest clown I have ever seen in person (thank you Stephen King for permanently scarring me for life after reading IT as a teenager). As the clown (whom I'm sure is a very nice person) was making Monkey a dragonfly, her bottom lip started quivering and it was all over with from there. From then on, she was attached to me for the rest of the night. Julien had a great time playing while we chatted with friends and tried to stay as close to a heater as possible!