Friday, October 17, 2008

What kind of a Mother would allow something like that to happen?

There are all kind of crazy's out there...

So here is this Mom who has rushed from work to daycare to home - to grab football gear and a pair of jeans - then rushed to after school care and on to football practice.

This "Mom" sent her son out to the football field while she sat in the car, changing a diaper, feeding a Monkey a snack, watching her son practice football, reading her Monkey a book, playing ball with her Monkey, playing with Monkey and her musical pup-pup and trying to make the time pass because the ground is soaking wet from a constant rain throughout the day. Would it have hurt Monkey to crawl around on the wet ground? No, of course not, but it is Friday evening...after a long week. So, this "Mom" entertains her Monkey and watches her son play football.

Monkey sees her brother and Monkey sees her Daddy. Monkey sees the boys running and playing and Monkey sees the other Mommy's and Daddy's walking by. So what does Monkey's Mommy do?

It is such a beautiful, cool, fall afternoon, so Monkey's Mommy has the sunroof open and decides that Monkey can look out through the sunroof and say "hi" and "bye" to everyone! Not only can Monkey say "hi" and "bye", but Monkey cane WAVE at everyone! Monkey is so happy and on top of the world as she has her head, shoulders and arms out the roof of the car saying "hi" and "bye" as we sit in the car in the church parking lot.

Monkey's Mommy laughs so hard as Monkey giggles with excitement at her newly found words and the way her little tiny hand twists as she waves to everyone coming and going.
Monkey's Mommy is looking at Monkey's little hands...trying to comprehend how Monkey's little right hand has gotten so dirty...oh no!!! It's not dirt, it's blood!

Monkey's Mommy softly grabs Monkey's hand and lowers her onto Mommy's lap in the seat of the car. Monkey's Mommy grabs a wipe and slowly wipes her hand clean. There, right there, on Monkey's little tiny right thumb is a cut. The cut is no doubt from the bar that goes across the top of the car in front of the sunroof. The cut isn't deep, but is bleeding more than Monkey's Mommy is hoping for.

Monkey never cried...???

Monkey's Mommy applied pressure with one hand, while retrieving a boo-boo band-aid with the other. Monkey doesn't cry. Monkey's Mommy sanitises Monkey's little tiny finger and applies the band-aid. Monkey investigates the boo-boo band-aid as the blood soaks through. Boo-boo band-aid number one slips off as the blood continues to flow.

Monkey's Mommy applies more pressure, clearly investigates the wound, applies more pressure and waits. Still bleeding. Monkey gets boo-boo band-aid number two. Uh-oh, here comes Monkey's Daddy and brother! Boo-boo band-aid number two slips off Monkey's little tiny finger. More pressure is applied to the wound and off to dinner we go.

As Monkey is sitting at dinner, nibbling on a cracker, her boo-boo begins to bleed again. More pressure is applied by Mommy and then Monkey's brother as Monkey's Daddy goes for boo-boo band-aid number three. Boo-boo band-aid lasts through the first ten minutes of dinner while being soaked by corn on the cob thing Monkey's Mommy sees is boo-boo band-aid number three flying across the table and narrowly missing the bowl of sweet potatoes. Whew!

Boo-boo on Monkey's little tiny finger is still bleeding. It is wiped, pressure is applied and then as Monkey holds her hamburger bun in her little tiny hand, the bleeding slows and then stops.

Monkey has a boo-boo and she never even cried.

Now, what kind of a Mother would subject their child to something like that?