Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Size Canine Medium

First, it is important to note that Julien had removed Addie's pony tail holders, which resulted in the stringy mess of hair witnessed below. 

Second, I was busy in the office and when I looked to see why it was so quiet, I quickly found the answer.

Julien had replaced Addie's sweater with Rudy's shirt and they were waiting for me to notice.

It had never crossed my mind to wonder what the canine to human clothing size conversion was, but now I at least have an idea that a human 5T converts to a canine medium.

I have accomplished something today.

Despite the look on Addie's face, she was rather excited to model Rudy's shirt for the evening.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Trenton!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Trenton's 6th Birthday ~ it was such an honor to share his big day with him!

We are blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends.

Look at his beautiful smile!

Oops, Trenton missed a candle and nobody was shy about pointing that out.

His second round of praise was even more energetic than the first!

Oh my goodness - so sweet!

We rounded Bergen up in order to make the picture complete.

Happy Birthday Trenton!

February 17, 2013

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Versatile Little Monkey

Nothing like a Monkey who can transition from playing a guitar like a rock

flying through the streets of suburbia on a crotch rocket.

7th place - so unacceptable.
We have some serious practice to do.

What's That?

Tonight, as Addie and I were walking down the hallway towards the front door, Addie stopped and was looking intently at the glass panel above the front door.
When I tried to get her to keep walking towards the stairs, she kept looking up above the door (a little creepy). 
I walked back to her, stood next to her and followed her gaze.
When I looked up and then back at her, she finally turned towards me and said, "What's that?", to which I replied, "It's the moon. Isn't it beautiful tonight?".
Sweet Addie gave me a beautiful smile before heading back towards the stairs.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Back to the Races

We had a fabulous time celebrating Trenton's Birthday! 
 The afternoon started off with a big race.
I volunteered to take Addie for race one.
She was a little apprehensive, but after a lot of reassurance, she began to relax.
By the time we made our second lap around, she was smiling and clapping!

Race two - Chris volunteered to drive Addie.
The smile was replaced by tears.
Absolute proof that her Mommy is a much better driver than her Daddy.

Bergen and Charles maintained a rather competitive speed and Bergen enjoyed every minute of it!

Patti and Brock were so busy waving at the fans on the sidelines, that they fell to almost last place.

Trenton's driver remained focused throughout the adventure while he kept his fans on their feet and cheering!

Blowing kisses!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In Your Face!

"In Your Face" is such a childish, unprofessional, worthless comment that just shows a complete lack of grace, class and tact.

Instead of exhibiting petty behavior and documenting it in this virtual world we live in, I will just say how very, very proud we are of our Little Monkey.

Last night, she sang along with her friends 
and then
stood as she actively participated in a public school program.

Granted, she was not in perfect sync, needed assistance standing so she could find her balance, didn't vocalize all the words and needed prompting,
I think we can all say that about ourselves at one point or another in daily life.
Sounds pretty normal to me.

(If the videos are not visible, that means a firewall is effectively doing its job.)

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Right to Bear Arms

As you all know, I don't believe in talking politics on the blog. 

However, I do believe in selective equal rights - such as teaching girls how to properly handle a firearm - and the earlier the better.

Yesterday, these girls were taking aim at a vicious Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Notice how relaxed they are in the midst of battle.
I was totally impressed.

Don't think just because you see pearls and sequins that they are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Surgery Update

I am so glad this surgery is behind us.

We were very fortunate that Addie was the first patient of the day.
She was a little nervous, but calm, while I got her all registered.

Once we moved to the holding cell pre-op room, Addie was compliant, but her level of anxiety began to escalate.
I didn't even have to ask for Versed this time, it was delivered and administered before I had time to contemplate asking for it.  

Pre-Versed - Addie and her very special cupcake bear from a very, very sweet little friend!

Post-Versed - I didn't have a chance to get comfortable in the chair before it was time for Addie to go to surgery.

Sigh....I just can't describe the post anesthesia trauma that we encountered.
We encountered a similar situation in 2011, all due to side effects of a medication, and I know this time was a direct side effect of the anesthesia.
It was so incredibly awful.

Once we finally got to the point where Addie could be discharged, we left as quickly as possible.
It took a while before Addie finally closed her eyes, and once she did, we had a few quiet moments on the car ride home.

(Yes.  I know her seat belt isn't properly aligned, but had you witnessed what it took to get her into her car seat, you would be impressed that she was confined at all.)

We had an absolutely miserable time once we arrived home, but fortunately, the anesthesia took over and she finally fell back to sleep.

The stress of the morning induced one of the worst migraines I have ever had and I spent the day napping off and on with the Little Primate and her new baby.

It took a full 48 hours before I fully recovered from Addie's surgery.
Julien and Chris were quite the concerned pair and were extremely helpful.
They took care of everything and we spent our Valentine's afternoon camped out together in the living room - sans the migraine, it was a perfect afternoon.

I am so hopeful that we will avoid another surgery anytime soon.
Both of Addie's little ears have tubes that should stay in place for a long, long me enough time to put the events of this surgery behind us.

I am very thankful that we have a very compassionate ENT who listened to my feedback and concerns and made certain that we had everything possibly needed to get Addie through this experience.

Thank you to all of our friends and family who were praying for Addie, and who expressed your well wishes.
We honestly couldn't do this without your love and support!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Surgery Day Number Six

One year and one day later, here we are again.

In an effort to get ready for our very busy week, we completed all of Addie's Valentine's and delivered them early to their respective recipients.

Addie is missing her Valentine's Party at school today, but the sooner she can get relief from the infection in her little ear, the better.

We are first in line for surgery this morning and I couldn't be happier!
I will update when I can.

Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Birthday to Addie's friend Trenton
Happy Surgery Day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sweet Friends

Addie has been inundated with pictures and cards from all of her sweet friends at school.
When she was out of school recently due to her ear/sinus infection, her friends made her get well cards.

On any given day, Addie will bring home a card or picture from a friend.
They are all very special to me and so much appreciated.
Although Addie and I love them all, this one really caught my attention
made us all smile.

I will say, Julien was reading this over my shoulder and we both had to read it out loud twice before we finally got it!

I don't know which of Addie's friends made this for her, but it is just precious!

"Cake Cake"

Tonight was Julien's banquet for wrestling.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Little Monkey came with us.

On the way to the banquet, I told Addie that we were going to have dinner with Julien for his wrestling awards.

The conversation that followed went something like this:

Addie: "Football?"

Me:  "No. Wrestling."

Addie:  "Cake Cake?"

Me:  "I don't know sweet girl, maybe there will be dessert."

Addie:  Nodding and very self assured, "Cake Cake."

...and so there was.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ten Hours Not Ten Days

Each afternoon when we get home, Addie walks through the door calling for Julien.

She bypasses her Daddy, Thomas, Alley and even Rudy in an effort to locate Julien.
She can't give him enough hugs and kisses.

Addie misses her Julien during the hours they are away from one another each day.

He loves it and he knows it.

 I think they have built up an immunity to each others fungus over the years.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Bergen's Party - Part II

Princess Addie began working on her art soon after we arrived.

The red bracelet on her arm was from a visit to the sick childcare center at my work the day before.
The red bracelet combined with the monkey tattoo is a must have accessory for any Princess.

Princess Bergen suited up for battle.

Before heading into the dungeon for fun and games.

Once making it back upstairs, everyone posed for a picture, while Bergen proudly displayed her new number!

Happy 6th Birthday Bergen!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Here We Go Again

We only had three visits to our favorite ENT's office in 2012.
 It felt like progress.
We are 36 days into the New Year and we have already racked up two visits...and with more coming soon.

We had a pretty rough weekend with the Little Monkey.
She had an on again off again 101+ fever and wanted nothing but to stay in bed.
She was hysterical every time she stood up.
The only complaint from Monkey was that her, "head hurt".

When we visited our ENT today, Monkey was very anxious.
She started shaking as soon as we walked into the office and once we entered the exam room, she tried her best to hide behind Chris.

There were no tears, just a lot of anxiety, but she was a good girl the entire time.

The ten days of antibiotics managed to give Monkey eight days of relief before her symptoms came back full force.

After Monkey's appointment, I took her back to school.
She had a great day with friends!
She looks beautiful teaching in her pearls - her new favorite accessory.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Baby Bergen...Turns Six

I simply cannot believe it has been six years.

Upon our arrival to the party, we were warmly greeted by the Birthday Girl herself!

Bergen was all about her Princess Seat, but 

sweetly shared her chair when Addie wanted to take a picture with her.

Princess Addie looked so pretty in her princess gown that her Mommy may have to find her one of her own.

January 26, 2013