Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Sweets

Munchkin Girl is managing in the brutal heat of summer - and managing even better when you add in friends and treats.

Not a day goes by that we are not running from place to place - and on this day, Addie was all about trying to figure out how to conquer the massive amount of cotton candy she held in her little hand. 

She really wasn't sure even where to begin

but she decided to sit and relax with friends while trying to figure it out.

A couple bites later, she was more than willing to find the nearest trash can to dispose of the sticky mess before her

and then set out to find the nearest source of hydration!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nothing Like My Childhood Summers

Growing up, we sure didn't have access to event after event to keep us busy.

I am beyond thankful that my children do, which means they are more likely to stay out of trouble!

Addie has enjoyed a field trip to Oak Mountain, the swimming pool and skating, to name a few.
She is having a blast and has such sweet helpers to make her days perfect.

She is also surrounded by great friends who keep her laughing!

Amazing teachers are pure gold and I am so thankful for those that cross Addie's path!

Addie has also encountered dress up like a pirate day.
I let the day slip up on me and I was left scouring Addie's closet for anything pirateish I could find.  

When all else fails, a tutu and pearls can come to the rescue.

A yogurt parfait and chocolate milk is the perfect start to Addie's day - a snack she just so happened to pick out the night before.

A little rougher looking than when I dropped her off...

but walking the plank seemed to bring her sweet spirit out once again.

All the fun just wears Addie out and on this particular day, she didn't make it past the cat bed before she needed to lay down and rest.

She is most definitely enjoying her days!

Sunday, June 07, 2015

The End of Soccer Season

Soccer season was a blur.
I have tons of pictures that I just haven't gotten around to looking at.
This little blond girl of mine keeps me occupied every waking second of every single day.

She loved soccer this season!
It helped that she had a phenomenal sidekick to encourage and help her.

A game of Duck Duck "Juice" at break time.

It was also a huge help that she had several friends participating with her.

Addie's sidekick, Katherine, was so sweet and helpful!
Addie was a lucky, lucky girl!

Bergen and Addie were just thrilled with their trophy's.
These girls earned them!

We are looking forward to next season and for the opportunity to play - once again - with an amazing group of children!

I Miss You

For this to be the lazy days of summer, we sure have been busy.

Getting everyone together has been a little more challenging and Addie has really been missing her aunts and cousins.

We finally managed to schedule dinner at my house this past Friday, and when everyone came through the door, Addie was SO EXCITED!

I was in the kitchen but heard her laughing and screaming with joy and then I heard her say, "I missed you!".

That.  Was a first.

I think Addie has made progress with her speech, but yet we still only hear some words and phrases one time and then not again.

This phrase, was a big one, and let me know that she continues to make connections and use the appropriate words at the appropriate times.

She - is still learning.