Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Monkey got in trouble!

When Chris and I walked in to pick Monkey up this afternoon, her teachers immediately started telling us all about her day.

Apparently Monkey got in trouble today.

She has been pulling on her friends shirts and making them fall to the floor and has been a bit aggressive when she doesn't want to play. I know that Monkey is rotten to the core, but I also think that part of her behavior is because she is just so frustrated. Everybody else is walking and running around and I think Monkey wants their attention or either wants to be "up" and doing what her friends are doing.

Maybe she is just being the class bully...who knows. She can't tell me. :(

I reiterated to her teachers that they are to sign "no" and to tell her "no" when she does something wrong and to explain to her what she is doing great hopes that she understands.

Monkey is being just that, a little Monkey and by golly, she is going to make sure that SOMEBODY is paying attention to her!

She is acting like a "typical" twenty-one month old. Do you realize what a miracle that is?


Aunt Cissy said...

Yes Jenn, she is acting like a typical 20 month old.
She is a miracle, I love that little whiner. I am sure she is miserable right now with the teething and all. She will be right there doing what her friends are one day, she is showing us all that already. Love always,

Polly & Steve said...

Dear Jenn, Monkey in trouble is tipical and praise God she is a tipical 20 month old with sore gummies. I read another blog with a lady with special needs child that she calls one of her children Monkey and the other Monkette and I forgot what the 3rd
one's nickname is. But I enjoyed her writing and you might too.
Much love to our little Monkey and I pray that the teething will hurry up and be finished.
Hugs, Polly and Steve

Polly & Steve said...

I found this on the web page of a friend of my nephew's. don't know if there is any need.
If not pitch it in the trash.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog via "No Sleep In Helena," and when I saw your family picture I knew exactly who you were! You may not remember, but you & Chris came into our business to buy some crown moulding (I think) for the nursery of your new baby that was about to arrive. We all remembered you because after you left we were discussing how strikingly beautiful you were, and after reading your blog, your outward beauty fails in comparison to your inner beauty. Amazing.

Anyway, as soon as I came upon your blog at work, I wanted everyone to see your lovely family because I knew they would remember you too, but did not read any of your entries yet. Later, as I scrolled down, reading....trying to understand, I saw your link to the "beginning." I cried so hard that I locked myself in the office the rest of the day. It was that day I knew I could not read your blog at work anymore!

I actually have been following The Henderson Family blog for about 2 months, and debated on whether or not to send you this. I can't tell you how much your faith, strength, and perserverance inspires me. I don't think you realize how many lives you touch by sharing your trials and triumphs. Thank you.

Needless to say, we are all huge ADDIE fans! That sweet smile she has would melt hearts anywhere. What a precious little girl you have. What a wonderful family she has. :)

Nicole said...

She's showing off that strong personality of hers....showing them all who's the boss! Hope she feels better soon.