Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sweet Tanner

In my rush to get Addie this afternoon, I was only halfway paying attention to what was going on when I walked out onto the playground. I looked over the wall to see if Addie was in the sand box because I always want the opportunity to see her before she sees me. I just want to get a visual of how she is doing. Well, Tanner spotted me before I spotted Addie. Next thing I saw was Tanner running over to the car (that Addie was in), flinging open the door, reaching in and trying to pull Addie out.
Bless him; he was trying to get Addie for me. I swear his heart is made of pure gold! Addie didn't cry and the teachers told Tanner to be careful, I think they were afraid he was going to maul her!

We are so blessed - for everything that we have and the people that surround us.