Monday, June 30, 2008

Elephants, anyone?

Our life is a three-ring circus; I have peanuts and popcorn in the pantry to prove it too!
We started off our Monday morning as expected, full of drama.
I was upstairs brushing Addie's teeth when I thought I heard the security alarm going off.
I didn't think too much about it because I knew that Julien and Chris were downstairs and would certainly turn it off.
Well, Chris was outside and Julien didn't know the code and I couldn't get to it in time before the security company called.
Apparently, they were not satisfied with my explanation and there was that slight mix up with the password, so the next call I got was from Helena PD.
I can put any concern to rest regarding the reliability of our security company and our local police officers, because the next thing we knew, two of Helena's finest were in front of the house. Wow, talk about being embarrassed!
I guess I was a little more convincing in person because they didn't feel the need to take a look inside.
We left for the morning, had managed to drop Julien off at day camp when my Mom called me in a panic....yep, you guessed it.
The security company called my Mother to inform her that Helena PD had been dispatched to my house.
That's exactly what my Mother needed on a bright and sunny Monday morning.
So, if anyone is looking for free admission, come on in, the show is non-stop!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

On the road to freedom?

We were playing in the den when I noticed Thomas...not long after, Addie spotted him too!

Lots of loving!

Addie never passes up a chance to give the kitties kisses and hugs!

Addie's room

I'm not a very frilly frou-frou person, so I have kept Addie's room simple. The other angles of the room are the changing table full of diapees and toys galore, didn't think you would care to see that.

Great responses

I have to admit that for the most part, I have received some really amazing comments about Addie from adults in our community lately. I have had several people approach us just to tell us that they saw my article or that Addie is just a beautiful baby who lights up the world! Yesterday, while Addie and I were shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond (shhh, don't tell Chris), I had a worker approach me just so that she could say hi to Addie again. I could tell that she was curious, so I was more than happy to give details about Addie's condition. I can't tell you how great that makes me feel when people will just flat out approach me instead of staring! Now, if I could just get the kids to have better manners and stop staring and making hateful comments! I have had two kids in the last week make hateful comments, one of which is a neighbor down the street! I can almost validate a hateful comment from a child, at least the adults are on track so far!
Thank you!!!

While the boys are away...

Chris and Julien are away for the weekend and Addie and I are really enjoying our time together. I took extra time last night just to hold her while she slept. I hugged her so close to me and wanted so bad to make everything right and good for her. It's not fair that we have to fight for her to be included and it's not fair that people can be so unbelievably ignorant. I just want so much for her to stay safe and happy and out of harms way. My sweet baby deserves everything just the same as every other child.

Julien's room

I really need a wide angled lense to be able to take good pictures of the interior. The pictures I have taken so far makes everything look like the rooms are the size of a tuna can! Julien really likes his room and we are trying to finish the odds and ends of putting it all together. The entire house is a work in progress!

Undecided and no clear answer in sight.

Our complete resolution has yet to present itself in our fight for Addie. I am very irritated that I cannot give complete details, because I know everyone would be as appalled and upset as Chris and I have been. We are still trying to determine the best daycare setting for Addie. At this point, if I could, I would quit work and make everything all better for Addie. We are dealing with a double-edged sword. We were offered an opening at another daycare, but after the new daycare learned more about Addie they made some suggestions for her care that were asinine and would ultimately result in hindering her development. Chris and I consulted with a liaison, which in turn consulted with legal, a few meetings including one with Addie's therapists and a week and a half later, we still feel sick over the situation. Although, I think everything would work out, I don't feel we are warmly welcomed at the new center. If we walk away, I in essence have given up my fight for Addie and I can't do that. I think it is time for Addie to transition to another daycare environment, but we still have a few days left before we have to make the final decision. Now I know why there are so many special needs families that survive on one income, one parent is forced to stay at home to keep their child safe from ignorance and discrimination. I knew this battle would come before me, but I had no idea it would be when Addie was only seventeen-months old. I know everything happens for a reason and God has HIS plan. I'm trying my best to see the path we are to take, but my heart is so heavy.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

March 2009!!!

We got our confirmation letter in the mail...March 2009, Addie will be on the cover of Birmingham Parent Magazine! Please pray that this is our opportunity to educate people about Addie's condition and to let people see just how beautiful and smart special needs children are!

Never a dull moment...

I'll give the abridged version of this story:
As all of you know who live around this area, quite the little summer storm came through Wednesday evening.
Chris, Julien, Addie and I were at the local Mexican restaurant having dinner when the storm hit.
The lightening was extremely close and of course, we're making jokes about how knowing our luck, it probably hit our house.
Well...when we got home, we were without power.
We didn't think too much about it and went about our routine.
I took Addie upstairs to change clothes.
I sat her on the floor of my bedroom and went into the closet, a second later Chris came in and noticed that a spider was making his way over to Addie...(chills)...before Chris could smash him to smithereens, he ran underneath our bed.
To sum it up, the eight-legged pest was sucked up into the cordless Dyson and flushed down to spend eternity with the sewer alligators, thankfully enabling me a more restful night sleep.
Hour after hour passed and still no lights.
As we are out talking to our neighbors, we realized that there are only four houses without power, because apparently the transformer that was hit during the storm was OUR transformer. We also learned that our neighbors just found a snake skin that was three feet long in their garage...holy cow, I think I'm going to pour concrete over a three mile radius around this house...(more chills).
Needless to say, Alabama Power didn't replace the transformer until 2:15 Thursday morning and a little while later, I realized that the computer wasn't working and immediately knew why. It took three computer geeks (sorry guys) to get our computer back up and running, but finally all systems are a go!
During the repair, Addie got sick all over her clothes, so I put her down next to Uncle Howard so I could clean up.
When I came back in, Miss Nosey Britches was right in the middle of the action.
I wouldn't expect anything less from her!
Oh, did I mention that our other neighbor informed us that scorpions are a frequent visitor at their house?
How about a bubble like on the Simpson's Movie...just around this house!
Spiders, scorpions and snakes, oh my!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Talk about being nosey!

Addie is enthralled with the shower and loves to sit outside the door while Chris or Julien shower. This time, Addie just couldn't stand the suspense and slid the shower door open to look inside! Geez...not even Julien can have his privacy! :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Exhausted, but willing to help

Julien is sleepy and fighting with his allergies, but he was so willing to paint my picture frames for me. They needed some sprucing up from the move and Julien was the man for the job! Crabby baby is sleeping (teething), Julien is finishing up and Chris just finished hanging six pictures for me and put up one new light fixture. What great helpers I have! I think we are going to call it a night... Maybe crabby baby will feel up to posing for new pictures soon!

Old McDonald had a farm

and on that farm he had a horse! Addie and I went shopping yesterday and ran across this poor horse. He has a boo-boo and was on clearance because obviously nobody wanted him. I'm such a geek sometimes, because when I saw him, I thought of Corduroy by Don Freeman. My mom read that to me when I was little and I read it to Julien too. Anyway, Addie wanted to "hold" him after I picked him up and I just couldn't take him away from her. Addie and I are suckers for animals! Good thing I saved him from being put down... :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Yet another masterpiece

Julien attended an art class last week and this is the canvas painting that he completed. He was very proud of himself for the flowers at the bottom of the painting, which are raised and very eye-catching. Great job Julien!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


After waiting for almost two months for it to become available, I finally got Addie's new highchair for her! It is awesome! It is ergonomically correct, adjusts both vertically and horizontally and will grow with her. Addie's physical therapist gave us her blessing, so of course it must be fantastic!

If you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift for someone...this is it!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Julien's newest artwork

I'm still searching for the perfect place to hang it and didn't want to wait to share it with everyone!

This little piggy...had watermelon!

Addie LOVES watermelon! She will take a bite and the next thing you hear is, "Mmm" and then another bite and "Mmm". She's so funny!

New car

Julien got a new bike and Addie had to get a new car. :)
Julien is the best instructor ever and helped Addie in and out of the car and drove her around the house. She will get the hang of it before we know it!

Fighting for Addie

Chris and I are suddenly in the middle of a battle for Addie. I don't feel it would be in anyone's best interest for me to post details at this point, but we need your prayers. We need everyone to pray that we receive a resolution that is in Addie's best interest and we need her to win this one - this one is not only for her, but any special needs child that could follow behind her. This is regarding Addie's future and what is in the best interest for her, her progress and her development.

We are just sick over the situation and need everyone to keep us in your thoughts and prayers for the next few days. We hope it will all be over with soon.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Through unbiased eyes

As Addie's mother, when I look at her, I see perfection. I see a beautiful, smart baby girl who is learning and growing everyday! Sometimes it is difficult for me to see her obvious disabilities. I have the same routine every morning when I leave Addie at school. I take her in, give her lots of kisses, get her settled at the table for breakfast and as I'm walking out, I will stop at the door and turn to blow her a kiss. She always smiles and is learning to blow kisses too! Today, I couldn't help myself and needed one more glance after my initial goodbye. As I turned to look back at her one more time, I saw what others see each time they look at her. I saw her differences and my heart just fell. I can't imagine what others think when they look at her and I don't care. I saw what an unbiased pair of eyes sees. How easy it is for me to look past the obvious and to see this angel that God created. As I left the center, I let those images leave my mind.
I pray that God lets people see past the obvious and allows them to see Addie through my biased's a beautiful view!

Always my little helper

Addie had an accident after her bath and Julien was quick to take care of her after I changed her and while I got her clean clothes. He is the best big brother ever!

Rub a dub dub!

Guess who now loves to take a bath in the bathtub? You bet! I think the garden tub at our old house was just too intimidating for her. She now has her own bathtub, which is smaller and she seems very content with ducky and her animal friends! She is so precious, as I'm getting her bath ready for her, she will crawl over to the side of the tub and look in. If I take a second too long, she will let me know! She is even brave enough to play in the water coming out of the faucet and to drink from it! Silly baby girl!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Always better

Addie seems to think that my drink is always better than what she has in her sippy cup...she's not shy about taking a sip either. Yes, we are both covered in food! What a little mess maker!

Happy Daddy's Day!

Well, to be honest, the only reason it was a Happy Daddy's Day is because Chris and I try really hard to have a good sense of humor. The day was one big train wreck after another. :)
Addie slept extra long this morning, so we decided to go to an early lunch instead of breakfast. Chris picked IHOP and lunch went off without a hitch, once we got back in the car it was a whole different story. Addie started crying and just couldn't be consoled. We had several errands we had to take care of, so we all just had to tough it out. Addie is normally a very happy shopper, but our fellow shopping companions at Home Depot and Target were probably thrilled to see us leaving! After our second stop, Addie fell asleep (way out of the ordinary), so we took advantage of that time and I ran in to another store to scratch off one more thing on our to-do list. When we got home, Chris unloaded the car and Addie and I decided to make a quick run to Publix. Thanks to the nice lady in the deli, Addie was hooked up with a slice of chicken and cheese, which seemed to improve her mood a bit. We stopped to talk to four different friends during our shopping trip, but finally managed to get back home within an hour with Chris' requested meal for dinner but without the wine, because of course you can't buy alcohol in Shelby County on a Sunday...errr! When I got home, Chris met me outside and pointed out the obvious...we could smell gas outside the house. I called Alabama Gas and they immediately got someone on the way. Turns out, we had a gas leak at the meter and it had to be replaced! After the drama of the gas leak, Chris decided he was going to start putting up our new light fixtures. Three hours later, we had a new fixture in the foyer - he did a great job and had he not, I never would have pointed it out! As our evening started to wind down, Addie became more and more upset....WHY???? She spiked a 101.9 fever! For the love of all things good! Chris will forget all about the drama of the day as he is enjoying his three day, two night golf trip that I gave him for Daddy's Day. He deserves it. We love you! On top of it all, Julien was away for the weekend. He misses so much when he is gone and it's just not the same without him. What a day...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Addie and Nanny

Nanny - Addie's great grandmother - came for a visit tonight. We enjoyed getting to spend some time with her. She is famous for her amazing four layer chocolate cake, which she brought to us as a house warming gift. Mmm! Thanks Nanny!


Uncle Howard came by to help move some furniture this afternoon. Addie loves him so much and enjoyed playing with him. Thomas decided to come over and join in the fun and managed to escape right before the final count!

Addie, Mommy and Daddy

Happy 6th Birthday Gabi!

My beautiful little niece celebrated her 6th birthday today! We had a great time at her Luau party and thought her cake was awesome! I can't believe six years has passed so quickly! She is a smart, beautiful, loving little girl and I'm proud that she's my niece!
Happy Birthday Gabi!

Two of my favorite's from today