Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Miracles today!

Julien had an unexpected football practice this evening. I wouldn't allow him to miss it and I couldn't reschedule our orientation at Lakeshore, so luckily my Mom was able to pick Julien up and take him to practice.

When we got home, I was telling my Mom all about Lakeshore and how excited I was about it all.
I tried to show Mom how Addie is standing, but Addie was too tired to participate.
I tried letting Mom hear Addie say "moo" - nope, I still haven't heard it either.
My Mom had a long drive back home, so she gathered her things to leave. I told Addie to tell GaGa "bye-bye" and she did! Addie also WAVED at GaGa as she was saying bye! It has been almost two months since this has happened. It was the most beautiful little wave - this half turn of her hand as she said, "bye-bye".

Addie is so beautiful and such a miracle! Can you see God's work?