Friday, October 31, 2008

Pictures of the day!

Worn out!

Julien and Addie were just exhausted from all the activity! We had a great night, with lots of visitors and tons of fun with the family.

Happy Halloween!

Special visitors

Monkey met a new friend tonight. Noah was by far the cutest cowboy I have ever seen!

Noah's parents were so sweet and braved the trick or treaters in order to come by and meet Monkey.

Monkey was in the mood to give baby lovings to Noah and wanted to give hug after hug!

It was so great to meet you guys, we felt honored that you stopped by to say hello!

Run piggies run!

This costume may have been worse than last years...I'm not sure. I do know all the little piggies were finding the nearest brick house to take refuge in!

Julien had a blast tonight! He even tried out the haunted house in our neighborhood. I'm impressed, I couldn't have done it!

A tremendous help!

It was way too cold for Monkey to stay outside the entire time. Gabi was more than willing to stay inside (with adult supervision) and play with Monkey when she needed some thawing out.

Thank you Gabi for all of your help!

My angel

Monkey LOVED her costume. She never whined about it at all. She loved running the fabric of the tutu through her hands. She was so beautiful all night!

Loving the attention!

Not ready for school

Monkey was so out of her routine today that by the time we got to school, she wasn't ready for us to leave.
I took the camera in because I wanted a few pictures of Monkey and friends dressed for pajama day...instead this is all I got.

Another visit to Childrens ER

After Addie's appointment, we stopped by Childrens ER Department to visit our friends.
We love going in to see everybody! Addie was social and very curious (nosey). We didn't get to stay too long because we had to get Addie to school in time for lunch and nap and Chris and I had to get to work.
Of course we didn't leave the ER empty handed! Addie and Julien both got a bucket full of goodies and Addie came away with a stuffed witch. Imagine that...I think it was the over-sized nose that caught her attention. :)
Thank you guys again for taking time out of your busy schedules, it was so good to see you!

Endocrinology appointment

This morning was Addie's first appointment with the Endocrinologist. Our wait to be called back was less than five minutes, but overall, we were there for two hours. Ugh

I don't know if Addie's behavior was just her showing her age or if there was another issue, but she was a little MONSTER in the exam room. Never has she acted like that in a physician's office...and we are in one quite a bit. Addie was crawling all over the place, pulling up on everything, laying on the floor...oh wow, was my germ-a-phobe issues kicking in. I told Chris I was trying to find my happy place and at one point, I had him just pick her up and bring her to the sink so that I could wash her hands. Can you see the chill bumps on my arms?

Anyway, Miss Priss decided to continue to have an attitude even when the doctors came in. The first doctor came in to chat and stayed for a considerable amount of time. At one point, my curiosity got the best of me and I had to ask her if they saw any other patients with primary Microcephaly and they do. HIPAA stinks. There wasn't much that she could say. At the end of the conversation, the doctor told me something that just reaffirmed what we already knew, which is that God is in control and my Addie is a miracle!

She said, "Before I came in here, I was reviewing Addie's MRI. I prepared myself to walk into the room and see a child laying in your arms and unresponsive."

I don't know if I will ever be ready to share Addie's MRI, but like I have said before, when you look at the MRI and then look at Addie, nothing fits.

Dr. Moreland came in a little later - after more drama from Addie - and I apologized profusely to both doctors with regards to Addie's behavior. Dr. Moreland advised that although Addie's growth hormone level is low, there is nothing we are going to do at this point. There is no reason to put her through additional testing or treatment unless Addie starts to lose weight or fails to gain. I talked in depth about the future and how the level may or may not affect Addie as she grows.
It was a relief to know that the low level of hormones is not anything that needs to be addressed at this time. I didn't want one more thing piled on.
We go back in six months unless Addie starts losing weight, develops issues with her blood sugar or starts having seizures.

Today Chunky Monkey weighed in at 21 pounds 3 ounces and was 30 1/2 inches tall. 3rd percentile on both.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

New braces

Addie was cast for new braces...

these are much higher.

It's not easy sitting and going through samples of different colors for braces and straps, it's not like picking paint colors. I was picking the colors for my baby's braces...the braces that will go on her perfect little legs. The perfect little legs that were never supposed to walk.

Addie will have beautiful red braces, with puppies and kitties on the straps...just in time for the holidays.

Pictures of the day!

These two pictures are amazing. First, Addie is throwing a ball - with purpose. That is a milestone met.
Second, do you see my Addie standing - unassisted, while placing dog biscuits in a bowl for Rusty. She understood the directions that were given to her. She understood.
She's getting it...
Thank God for these miracles!

Working so hard!

Addie got to dress up for therapy this morning.

Let me just tell you what a little ham she was! She loved all the extra attention and wasn't bothered by her tutu at all. She loved it!

Addie got to visit with Rusty from Hand-In-Paw. I snuck in to take pictures because I've never had the opportunity to watch her during these visits. She was amazing! She was so vocal, so willing to use her walker and so willing to pull to stand and pet Rusty. Addie even understood to take the biscuits and put them in Rusty's bowl for him. She's getting it...
Addie's volunteer is so sweet and is such a great cheerleader for my little angel. When you take a look at this collage, you will see how many people work so hard with Addie. Her team is there coaching her and cheering her on. I'm getting teary eyed writing this. These people are so proud of my Addie and want to see her succeed and to prove "them" all wrong.
I am so blessed to have so many people who work so hard for Addie!

A personal thank you

I would love to have the opportunity to personally thank the person at The M&M's Mars Corporation who created the new M&M's Premium - Triple Chocolate.

A hug may even be in order.

I was having a moment while we were in our local Walgreens on Sunday. I spotted the purple box very inconspicuously placed right in the middle of the Halloween candy. I mentioned to Chris that I thought maybe I should try it some time...and that some time was now.
I even offered to hold the bag when we got in the car. There really was no need to put the bag all the way in the back!
When I opened the bag, I had to try one (to make sure it was safe for everyone else - of course) and then Monkey and then Chris - Julien doesn't like chocolately chocolate (how is that possible???). I think Monkey thought she was in heaven! She kept holding out her little hand and asking for "more".
We managed to ration the bag for almost three days, but the little Monkey got so excited every time she passed by and saw the bag peeking out of my purse (in there for safe keeping - of course). She wanted "more".
I have offically turned my youngest child into an M&M lover. Whew! My birthday cakes as a child were covered in M&M's and Julien's first birthday party had an M&M theme.
Last Halloween, Monkey tried M&M's for the very first time....see the history?

So, all that to say...these things ROCK! Triple chocolate M&M's...Mmmm.

I never did get a chance to check out the nutritional label on the back of the box though...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 was worth it.

We took advantage of the fall festival at a local church tonight. It was so cold!

I had Monkey all bundled up in her winter gear and turned her into a kitty with the wisk of my magic eyeliner.
Julien was out playing football with some friends, we stopped, picked him up and he was good to go as well - Number One Steelers Fan!
Monkey did fine for the first few minutes until we encountered the scariest clown I have ever seen in person (thank you Stephen King for permanently scarring me for life after reading IT as a teenager). As the clown (whom I'm sure is a very nice person) was making Monkey a dragonfly, her bottom lip started quivering and it was all over with from there. From then on, she was attached to me for the rest of the night. Julien had a great time playing while we chatted with friends and tried to stay as close to a heater as possible!

My angel

Here is my rotten little angel!

I am still waiting on the rest of our pictures from the photo shoot, but I have these as a sneak peek. So there will be more to come!

Kim is amazing! I can't tell you how fussy Monkey was during this session and yet Kim was able to come out with these beautiful pictures!
If you are interested in booking with Kim, check available dates here. I think she can still squeeze you in for a Christmas session.
Also, I have to thank Tutu Couture once again for the costume! I am in love!


I'm behind on responding to emails. For those of you who I have not gotten back with, I hope to catch up tomorrow evening! I'm not ignoring you. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pictures of the day!

Monkey and I were inside making hot chocolate when all of a sudden, Monkey started crawling full speed to the front door.
She loves Julien so much!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Annual pumpkin carving

We officially carved our pumpkin tonight.

"We" means Chris and Julien. Monkey and I watched in admiration. Chris willingly set up his shop light for optimal viewing and even the space heater so Monkey and I wouldn't freeze.
I think they did a great job carving the pumpkin and decorating Monkey's little pumpkins.
Afterwards, we all came inside for our traditional cup of hot chocolate, smothered in mini marshmallows, which effectively allows the body's core temperature to return to normal.
We're all ready for Halloween!


I guess Monkey's fever is deciding to come and go as it pleases. School called around lunch because Monkey had a low grade fever. No other symptoms. This bought me time away from work until Wednesday. Talk about frustrating! Of course I cherish all the extra time with Monkey, but this is such a busy time of year for me at work. Oh well, that is part of having a little Monkey in daycare...cooties galore!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pictures of the day!

Picture perfect afternoon!

After we left the fall festival this afternoon, we decided it was just too beautiful to head straight home and I'm glad that we didn't.

We were thrilled to get to see this hot air balloon "up close". It was fun just watching it and trying to decide if and where it would land.

It's not every day we get to chase after a hot air balloon on an amazing fall afternoon. I hope I'm making good memories for my children...this was really neat.

Nice afternoon

We took advantage of one of the local fall festivals. We had a nice afternoon...with the exception of Chris being stung by a yellow jacket. Ouch.

Monkey got her first pumpkin painted on her hand. She just isn't ready for official face painting yet and besides, she enjoyed being able to sit and look at her beautiful pumpkin on her hand!
Julien and Chris had fun trying their hands at some of the games ...notice I said "trying".
I love this time of year, there are so many activities to take advantage of and the weather is amazing!
(Notice that ER Baby is still attached to Monkey)

Such amazing progress!

Monkey has learned something new and amazing...well actually TWO amazing things!

First, Monkey has learned to wash her hands!!!!
She is amazing. I have always washed her hands for her, doing all the work, but explaining to her what I was doing. Monkey has mastered this task! She knows how to hold her hand under the dispenser, wet her hands and rub them together and then rinse them off! She was so thrilled this morning when she was washing her hands for breakfast. When we sat down at the table, I told her again how proud I was of her for washing her hands and she proceeded to show me how she rubs her hands together!
In the bath last night, she tried to grab the bottle of baby wash and wanted me to put some soap on her hands. I am so happy for her and she is so very proud of herself!
This is something that Monkey feels like she is really doing by herself, I know she is so proud, I can see it all over her face!

Second, Monkey has started playing Mommy to ER Baby.
She has been doing subtle little things sporadically, but this morning she was all about baby! Monkey has been overly attached to ER Baby lately and after she washed her hands this morning, she demanded that she have baby back. Since this was not a fight I feel is worth fighting, I gave baby back and put Monkey in her highchair. Baby was on Monkey's lap and wedged between the glass top of the table and Monkey's legs. Monkey must have thought about this during prayer, because once I told her that she could "eat", she pushed herself back from the table, grabbed baby with her right hand and tried to pull herself back to the table with her left hand. Monkey then began to eat with baby snuggly tucked under her right arm. A few minutes into breakfast, Monkey put baby on the table, grabbed a pancake and tried to feed baby. After breakfast Monkey sat with baby snuggled in her arms and rubbed baby's head and gave her hugs.

This is a milestone and an amazing one! I honestly never knew if I would get to experience this!

Monkey is so amazing and such a gift!

I thank God for these miracles and these blessings!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pictures of the day!

Just watching

Addie and I sat outside while Julien was playing with a friend. Addie is always Julien's biggest fan! She loves clapping for him and cheering him on (no matter what he's doing)!

Enjoying this amazing weather!

We couldn't get enough of the outdoors today! Wow, it was perfectly beautiful!

That's what I'm talking about, baby!

Julien had two football games today.

The first game was played against The Dolphins, we smashed them 36-12. I must admit that the boys were very proud of themselves because they won against a team that is coached by an ex-Alabama quarter back. Not that I'm naming names or anything....

The next game was against The Chargers and we came away with a 46-12 win (I think that's right). The game was great! The boys did fantastic and I was very proud of Julien for his touchdown and his great sportsmanship today.

Way to go Titans!


Monkey is better. It is just crazy how she spikes a fever and then within a day it is gone without any other symptoms.
An odd part of baby hood. :)

Friday, October 24, 2008


Yes, she stayed in her jammies all day long...

Mystery solved

Indeed it was a long night. Monkey woke up last night with a 103.7 fever.

She woke me up by calling for me and I knew from the tone of her voice that something was wrong. Before my hands even made full contact with her, I could feel the heat coming off of her body.

103.7 isn't that high, but we all know what a high fever could do to Monkey. I don't think I will ever be fully prepared if she has a seizure.

I can't tell you how long Chris and I laid in bed just watching Monkey, making sure the motrin was kicking in and her fever was going down.

Her fever has yet to break...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great job Julien!

Julien made honor roll for the first nine-weeks of school. He is awesome and I am so proud of him for all that he does!

I don't know what it is about the school cafeteria, but I can never get a good photo in there!


Alrighty, so Monkey didn't sleep last night. Monkey's Mommy didn't sleep either.

Monkey isn't feeling well tonight. Chris and I had a lot of juggling going on today to fit in everything that took place throughout the day. This evening, he dropped Julien off at football practice and had to go back into work to take care of a "critical situation". I took an upset Monkey to Publix to buy snacks for Saturday before heading over to the park to watch Julien. Monkey was just pitiful. She cried all the way to Publix, not a mad cry, a sad little pitiful cry. She still had tears in her eyes when we walked into the store.

I just love our local Publix, the workers are so incredible! Monkey started feeling a tad bit better after a trip to the bakery for a cookie and most of the tears were gone by the time she finished the piece of ham from the deli. :)

We had many passersby stop and say hello...even commenting that they read the blog. Tonight was a wonderful night, everyone was so friendly and so kind! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I wish it could be that way everywhere we go!

Monkey has already been up once tonight and is back in bed tossing and turning and whining. It's going to be another long night... :(

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My big interview...finding the words.

I had my interview with the writer from The Birmingham Parent Magazine this morning.

The writer was amazing. She was more than happy to let me ramble and throw in bits and pieces of my thoughts throughout the conversation. She was compassionate and used just the right words, making me feel that she understood. Terminology is very important.

I wanted to mentally prepare for the interview and wanted so desperately to make sure that I found just the right words, but it was a bit harder than I thought it would be.

I think it was my emotions that interfered with my thought process. I really thought that after twenty-one months I would be able to talk to someone about Monkey and her diagnosis and keep my emotions at bay. I never cried, but it sure was a battle.

I wanted so much to tell the writer that Monkey is a miracle and that she is only doing as well as she is because of our God, because of the thousands of prayers.
I wanted so much to give an intellectual description of what Microcephaly is.
I wanted so much to have the words to help people understand the condition and to understand Monkey.

I think I said all of that and I know I threw in as much as I could about Monkey. Who she is, her likes, her accomplishments. I realized that it is so much easier to write about it than it is to talk about it.

The writer told me that I was more than welcome to email her if I thought of anything else that I would like to add before the deadline next month. To be honest, I am drawing a total blank. I think I said it all, but I'm not certain.

I prayed so hard for the right words to come. I wasn't nervous because I knew the words that came would be the right words. This may be my only chance to educate people on Monkey's condition in a more public format and I pray that this article opens if not a door, maybe a window for Monkey.

I think I am only uncertain about the conversation, because I don't remember all that I said.

Please pray that this article glorifies our God. Please pray that the writer finds just the right words to publish and please pray that this article will allow all of the struggles that Monkey endures to be used for a greater purpose.

No parties last night!


Chunky Monkey woke up shortly after I put her to bed. Instead of fighting a battle, I immediately took her to my bed and let her cuddle up with me.

Next thing I knew, it was 4:45 and time to be up and getting ready for work. Monkey slept all night long...cuddled into me, of course.

It doesn't matter where she sleeps, what is important is that she does sleep.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I don't remember sending out an invitation

but Monkey obviously thought we were having a party. Sunday night, Monkey woke up during the night and kept me up for almost three hours.

Last night, Monkey slept for an hour and a half and then decided it was party time for the next FIVE and a half hours! I managed to get her back to sleep for another 44 minutes before she woke back up. She didn't understand that I said it really was sleepy time.

At one point, she scooted over to her Daddy, patted him, waved her sweet little hand and said, "hi DaDa". There is no way I can be frustrated with her. She is such an angel, so pure at heart and so sweet.

I have ruled out any environmental factors causing her lack of must just be a phase. I sure hope my body can keep up with the lack of sleep. I went to the doctor yesterday, got four Rx's and a shot. Monkey needs some rest, so that I can get some rest.

No parties tonight!

I have a very important meeting in the morning. I will give details later. Please say a prayer that I will have the words to glorify our God. A few hours of sleep tonight sure would help too.


Monkey is beyond blessed. She has so many friends at school that are so kind to her. Noah has taken to Monkey these last few weeks. He is just crazy about her!

As soon as we walk in each morning, Noah runs over and holds his arms up so that he can grab Monkey and give her a hug.
He follows us over to the sink, waits while Monkey washes her hands and grabs the paper towel for Monkey to dry her hands on.
Noah waits while I give Monkey lovins and then reaches up to take Monkey's baby. Noah takes baby over to Monkey's cubby and puts her safely in for the rest of the day.
When I come to pick Monkey up, Noah is there, giving Monkey lovins.
He runs to her cubby, grabs baby out and brings her to Monkey.
Right before I walk out the door, he reaches up for one last hug before we leave...

I pray that Monkey is always this blessed with beautiful friends who love her!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not always easy to understand

It's been a long time since I've cried.

We had a really good weekend with the exception of Julien being away. I always pray so hard for God to watch over Julien when he is away from me for the weekend. The worries weigh so heavily on my mind.

I checked on Julien tonight, he is fast asleep and home safe. I went into Addies's room to check on her and to talk with God. I can't put my finger on what happened, I don't know if it is just the relief that Julien is home safe or if it was seeing the videos of Addie at the park, waving and saying "hi" and "bye" to everyone and no one paying her a bit of attention (except one Mom who chatted with Chris and me for a while). Not one child responded to the words that my miracle was speaking...not one. Does anyone realize what would happen if Julien didn't respond to someone who was speaking to him?

Regardless of what it was, I started sobbing. I guess it's just long over due. There are times when it just isn't easy to see God's plan. I will take the pain and heartache to make certain that I am fulfilling the plan of God. I just pray that my children don't have to suffer the same pain and heartache. I know there is a will and purpose and the day will come when I understand it all.

I am so incredibly blessed and I wish others could see the life I live as a blessed life. My baby girl, standing in a walker at the park with braces on her feet is a miracle, a true gift. A gift that I never was certain I would see. I thanked God for my children many times tonight.

Music to my ears!

My beautiful Monkey had a wonderful time at the park this morning. She loved swinging and playing on the slide and she did a really good job practicing with her walker. When it was time to leave, Monkey was so proud of herself for saying bye-bye to everyone. She just melts my heart! When I hear her perfect little voice and see the twist of her tiny little hand as she waves "bye-bye", I know that I am witnessing a miracle! I don't ever want to forget moments like this!

I thank God for this gift!

(Don't forget to pause the music attached to the blog and if you work with Chris and me, you will not be able to view the video at work)


Monkey takes a step and stops...she is so interested in all of the other children. Her personality is heaven sent! Even though other children don't pay her any attention, she still wants to wave and say, "hi"! She truly is a gift. She radiates joy and love. I am so incredibly blessed!

No background editing even get to hear me...the worrisome Mom.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Congratulations Suzanne and Anthony!

My friend, Suzanne got married today!

The wedding was beautiful and so was the bride! The weather was outstanding for a fall wedding and everything went perfectly!

Congratulations! We are so happy for you!


The Titans won again!

I had a huge bout of Mommy guilt this afternoon. Chris, Addie and I had to leave at half time because we had a wedding to attend. I apologized about a gazillion times to Julien! My kids take priority over was just a day of tough scheduling! We left with just enough time to get home, change and get to the wedding! Guilt, guilt, guilt!

Friday, October 17, 2008

What kind of a Mother would allow something like that to happen?

There are all kind of crazy's out there...

So here is this Mom who has rushed from work to daycare to home - to grab football gear and a pair of jeans - then rushed to after school care and on to football practice.

This "Mom" sent her son out to the football field while she sat in the car, changing a diaper, feeding a Monkey a snack, watching her son practice football, reading her Monkey a book, playing ball with her Monkey, playing with Monkey and her musical pup-pup and trying to make the time pass because the ground is soaking wet from a constant rain throughout the day. Would it have hurt Monkey to crawl around on the wet ground? No, of course not, but it is Friday evening...after a long week. So, this "Mom" entertains her Monkey and watches her son play football.

Monkey sees her brother and Monkey sees her Daddy. Monkey sees the boys running and playing and Monkey sees the other Mommy's and Daddy's walking by. So what does Monkey's Mommy do?

It is such a beautiful, cool, fall afternoon, so Monkey's Mommy has the sunroof open and decides that Monkey can look out through the sunroof and say "hi" and "bye" to everyone! Not only can Monkey say "hi" and "bye", but Monkey cane WAVE at everyone! Monkey is so happy and on top of the world as she has her head, shoulders and arms out the roof of the car saying "hi" and "bye" as we sit in the car in the church parking lot.

Monkey's Mommy laughs so hard as Monkey giggles with excitement at her newly found words and the way her little tiny hand twists as she waves to everyone coming and going.
Monkey's Mommy is looking at Monkey's little hands...trying to comprehend how Monkey's little right hand has gotten so dirty...oh no!!! It's not dirt, it's blood!

Monkey's Mommy softly grabs Monkey's hand and lowers her onto Mommy's lap in the seat of the car. Monkey's Mommy grabs a wipe and slowly wipes her hand clean. There, right there, on Monkey's little tiny right thumb is a cut. The cut is no doubt from the bar that goes across the top of the car in front of the sunroof. The cut isn't deep, but is bleeding more than Monkey's Mommy is hoping for.

Monkey never cried...???

Monkey's Mommy applied pressure with one hand, while retrieving a boo-boo band-aid with the other. Monkey doesn't cry. Monkey's Mommy sanitises Monkey's little tiny finger and applies the band-aid. Monkey investigates the boo-boo band-aid as the blood soaks through. Boo-boo band-aid number one slips off as the blood continues to flow.

Monkey's Mommy applies more pressure, clearly investigates the wound, applies more pressure and waits. Still bleeding. Monkey gets boo-boo band-aid number two. Uh-oh, here comes Monkey's Daddy and brother! Boo-boo band-aid number two slips off Monkey's little tiny finger. More pressure is applied to the wound and off to dinner we go.

As Monkey is sitting at dinner, nibbling on a cracker, her boo-boo begins to bleed again. More pressure is applied by Mommy and then Monkey's brother as Monkey's Daddy goes for boo-boo band-aid number three. Boo-boo band-aid lasts through the first ten minutes of dinner while being soaked by corn on the cob thing Monkey's Mommy sees is boo-boo band-aid number three flying across the table and narrowly missing the bowl of sweet potatoes. Whew!

Boo-boo on Monkey's little tiny finger is still bleeding. It is wiped, pressure is applied and then as Monkey holds her hamburger bun in her little tiny hand, the bleeding slows and then stops.

Monkey has a boo-boo and she never even cried.

Now, what kind of a Mother would subject their child to something like that?

A little well deserved advertising...

For all of my fellow city residents, don't forget to detour off the main road every once in a while to pay one of our local businesses a visit!

Loading Dock South is owned by an amazing family who takes pride in their business.

Chris and I were frequent visitors to their warehouse when I was pregnant with Monkey. There is nothing like being swollen, fat, nauseous and miserable while shopping in a warehouse for crown molding, doors and antique windows. I promise I probably would have thrown a tantrum had it not been for the kindness of the owners of Loading Dock South.

The owners offered me as many bottles of water as my swollen belly could take and they were extremely knowledgeable and very willing to help. I remember very clearly the moment when I thought my pregnancy induced insanity was going to snap on Chris over whether or not the door that we were debating over was going to fit downstairs in the bathroom. All of a sudden, the owner intervened (bless him) and immediately told us exactly what size door we needed and that he would be more than happy to exchange it if it didn't fit. He may have single-handily saved my marriage at that moment!

Chris and I haven't been to the warehouse since Monkey's birth. As most of you know, after all of our hard work on our house, we put it on the market soon after Monkey was born. We now have a new house that is just waiting for lots of projects to soon as life settles down a bit.

If anyone is in need of some materials while working on your DIY projects, why not shop locally?

I can't imagine you not getting the service you deserve at Loading Dock South!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

All done!


On the ceiling throughout the dentist office are tiles with the hand prints of the patients. Julien and Monkey got to put their hand prints on a tile too!


Waiting on Julien

Monkey waited so patiently for Julien to finish up and she loved showing off her stickers!

Monkey's first trip to the dentist!

I researched for months, trying to decide on a dentist for Monkey. Julien has been using a dentist that was recommended by Dr. Dudgeon seven years ago and not that there is anything wrong with him, I just felt that Monkey needed a dentist with a little more fluff. I found a dentist with a pediatric special needs background. I called and waited for two-months for our appointment this afternoon.

Before I get into the specifics, I have to tell you how great this dentist is! I chose Dr. Clark Thomas at Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry. I was hoping for a great first impression and boy did I get one!

First of all, Dr. Thomas took care of Monkey the entire time, not the hygienist. I didn't ask, but I am assuming it is because she is special needs, because the hygienist took care of Julien before Dr. Thomas came over.

Dr. Thomas was so patient and kind and I don't think he will ever realize how much that means to me. He treated Monkey "normal" and never questioned her diagnosis.

Monkey was nervous, but did a great job! She whined a little, but Dr. Thomas was able to polish her teeth and even apply the fluoride! He said that her teeth looked great, that (dentally) she was right on track and that there were no concerns (dentally).

Julien did great as always - no cavities - as always. :)

We are good to go until April!

Flu shots

Dare I annoy anyone else with my opinion on vaccinations?

Everyone knows where I stand and since flu season is upon us, I had to make the decision on whether to get the flu vaccine or not.

Chris and I can get the vaccine at work and I took advantage of that opportunity because I can't imagine my life being put on hold for a week or two if I came down with the flu.

Then I had to decide about my children. Do I allow some foreign substance to be injected into their bodies or do I risk a horrible sickness that could end in death?

When it is phrased just so, it is easy to choose the former over the latter.

I made the appointments and took Julien and Addie in this afternoon. After two years of allergy shots, Julien is a trooper with shots. I reminded him that it would be no different than an allergy shot and in fact, he is the one who asked me last weekend when I was making his appointment to get the vaccine. :)

Julien went first. He rolled up his sleeve and as soon as Addie saw the needle, she started whining. I told her that Julien was okay, it was a quick boo-boo (Addie understands boo-boo, so I use the term for vaccinations, bumps, etc..,) and he would be all better. Julien didn't flinch, got his band-aid and then it was time for Addie's vaccine.

I sat Addie in my lap (because you all know I refuse to lay her down on the table), rolled up her pants leg, told her to hold onto baby and that she was going to get a boo-boo. She didn't take her eyes off the nurse as she wiped her leg with the alcohol wipe and brought the needle near. Addie watched as the nurse inserted the needle into her leg and injected the vaccine. Addie watched as the nurse put her boo-boo band-aid on...Addie never whined or made a sound.

I can't figure it out. I don't know if she is just that use to being poked and prodded...or what. Whatever it may be, my two little ones are now officially vaccinated (hopefully) against the flu bug.

You know I have been watching them both like hawks tonight. Just to make sure they are fine!

As I was laying there

patting Monkey's back at 2:30 this morning, hoping she would drift off to sleep, I was in deep conversation with Julien (in my mind of course). It is odd how things come into my mind, but as Monkey was waking me from my sleep, all I could think was how I needed to tell Julien how important Engineering School is.


Somewhere in my dreams or in a deep place back within my mind, Julien wanted to enlist in the military.

What hit me in that moment was that I cannot begin to comprehend how a Mother sees her child off to war.

The military life is beyond difficult. My father was a World War II Veteran, my eldest brother is a Vietnam Veteran, my youngest older brother is a Desert Storm Veteran and I was married to the military. I support our troops and feel honored that our freedom and lives are protected by those who serve in the United States Armed Forces.

Yet, I was having an imaginary conversation with my nine-year-old son at 2:30 this morning, discouraging him from choosing the military life.

I don't know if it is the media that placed these thoughts in my mind, a dream, a fear of where this election is taking us and what will become of our lives and country in another nine-years or if it was the pack of Reese's Pieces that begged to be eaten right before bed last night. All I know is I have the conversation all planned out...just in case Engineering School doesn't look so appealing nine-years from now.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Monkey got in trouble!

When Chris and I walked in to pick Monkey up this afternoon, her teachers immediately started telling us all about her day.

Apparently Monkey got in trouble today.

She has been pulling on her friends shirts and making them fall to the floor and has been a bit aggressive when she doesn't want to play. I know that Monkey is rotten to the core, but I also think that part of her behavior is because she is just so frustrated. Everybody else is walking and running around and I think Monkey wants their attention or either wants to be "up" and doing what her friends are doing.

Maybe she is just being the class bully...who knows. She can't tell me. :(

I reiterated to her teachers that they are to sign "no" and to tell her "no" when she does something wrong and to explain to her what she is doing great hopes that she understands.

Monkey is being just that, a little Monkey and by golly, she is going to make sure that SOMEBODY is paying attention to her!

She is acting like a "typical" twenty-one month old. Do you realize what a miracle that is?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My deepest apologies

Today was picture day at daycare.

I should go ahead and apologize now to all the parents of the children in Monkey's class at daycare.

Monkey's teachers are so sweet and decided to wait until Monkey got to school from therapy before allowing the class picture to be made.

Well, there was really no need. Monkey is teething and when I say teething, I really mean, morphing into a demon with horns and fangs!

When Julien and I brought her into class this morning, I totally had her out of her routine. We have a set routine when we walk into class and it makes for a much easier transition for Monkey.... (insert excuses here)

Anyway...Monkey screamed when it was time for the class picture. All of her friends were sitting or standing nicely and waiting oh so patiently for Monkey to stop screaming. A few of the boys kept trying to give her hugs and kisses to calm her down...that didn't work.

To make an embarrassing, long story short:

That precious class picture that most toddler parents would love to cherish for the rest of their existence was flawed by the screaming, red faced, tantrum of a little Monkey.

Maybe you all can just Photoshop a smile onto Monkey's face and scrapbook away...

A miracle is a matter how small!

Not everyone will understand this, but tonight we witnessed yet another miracle!

I know that Monkey is delayed in meeting her milestones. I try my best not to dwell on it, because I know that each accomplishment that Monkey makes is indeed, a miracle! After all, we are beating the odds and showing this world, each day, the amazing work of our God!
It took Monkey twenty-one months, but look what she was able to accomplish ALL BY HERSELF tonight!
You should have seen her face when Chris, Julien and I started clapping and cheering for her! She was so proud of herself and we were so proud of her!
Monkey and I were playing on the floor and Chris and Julien were watching television. I saw what Monkey was trying to do and managed to get Chris and Julien's attention without distracting Monkey. It took so much effort and lots of concentration, but she did it!!!!
I am so proud of my little Monkey!
All glory goes to God!