Sunday, July 26, 2015

Safety Patrol

This boat outing was not as smooth sailing as previous times.
We had to wait out a pretty bad storm, and while doing so, there was a dog from the boat next to us that kept trying to make her way over to our boat.
Addie became a little anxious with the events taking place and it took a while to get everything settled down.

Once we were on our way, Addie snuggled in next to my sister-in-law and began the task of watching her Uncle Howard on the float.  
Addie made sure that her Uncle Howard was safe and "good to go".

Praise for a job well done!

Addie always gets sleepy on the boat and ends up needing to lay down and rest.

Since there were so few boats out, the men folk took the opportunity to swim for a while.

Having her Uncle Howard and her Daddy off the boat was enough to get Addie up.
She had to watch and make sure everyone was alright.

Addie made sure that nobody got out of her sight for the remainder of the day.
No rest time was worth the worry!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pre-Op Visit

We have been incredibly fortunate and have stayed away from an O.R. for a record breaking - 

However, the time has come.
This Little Monkey will be going back soon for set #7 of tubes, as well as another outpatient surgery.

This time, with a different ENT.

Addie did great at her visit today.
She tried to stay calm and nonchalant, although she made sure to keep one eye on the waiting room door.

Not a soul passed through those doors without her gaze being cast upon their every move.

She would glance away, only to hear the door open again.

Once we made it to the room, she was content to alternate between writing in her notebook and watching television.

Addie was perfectly still for ear exam 1 of 2, but refused to put away her notebook.

She's a master multitasker!

After her drama free appointment, Addie just wasn't ready to leave (how is that even possible?!?!?!?)
and she made her way across the hall and had a seat in another waiting room.
According to her, she just wanted to see the frog

and apparently wanted to see the frog without me documenting it.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy 50th Birthday Dewana!

My dear friend Dewana celebrated her 50th birthday a few weeks back.
Such a very special time!

The kids had a blast and loved spending time together!
At the point when Dewana forced us all to gather for pictures, it was quite the experience.

In the words of my friend, Patti - it was "like wrangling cats".

Addie looking less than pleased.

I hope I look as beautiful at 50 as Dewana does!

The only thing going through my mind...
"don't step on my toes, don't step on my toes..."

We all managed to walk away unscathed.

A wonderful night of memories!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Serious About Her Work

Today was another fun field trip day for Addie - and another trip on the bus!

After we arrived home, Addie had the job of melting all the ice from the cooler by rinsing it down the drain.
Super fun for kids - and adults - 
and a great coordination activity - make the ice disappear without soaking the floor and counters. 

Once all the ice was gone, I filled the cooler with dish soap and Addie stood by in anticipation of her next assignment. 

Since there wasn't anything to do but let the cooler soak, I assigned Addie the job of carrying some bubbles upstairs. 

It was busy work 
 it made her laugh. 

She was super careful. 

She even detoured into the living room looking for Rudy so she could show him. 

She made it all the way upstairs. keeping the bubbles mostly intact.
A job well done!

She deposited the bubbles into the sink and finished her task by rinsing them all down the drain.

Nothing was better than listening to the sound of her sweet little laughs - although I'm not sure if she was laughing at herself or laughing at me.
She must have thought I had lost my mind by assigning such a task!

Monday, July 06, 2015

Independence Day Weekend

Our Independence Day weekend was filled with friends, family and fun - although sometimes I had to search deep to find the joy.

Addie is still loving all the boat rides - just as long as the boat doesn't go in too many circles or zigzags.  
We keep her back to the wind and keep her snuggled next to someone and she is content.

Addie loves to sit in the big chair and watch everyone.
It's a treat when Bailey gets to go with us.

We had a lot of down time and Bailey and Julien took lots of fun pictures.

Very reminiscent of pictures past where Addie took the opportunity to touch Julien's Jeep when he appeared to be distracted.

Oops - no touching!

Julien's Baby - for sure.

We seriously enjoyed our down time.
Rare, rare moments of peace.

My husband was appointed Captain and he took his job very seriously.

Addie really loves to be a helper - and the best little cheerleader - EVER.  
She loves when her Uncle Howard is the one she is supervising - she waves at him and cheers for him virtually the entire time.

With lots of time still left in the summer, we are looking forward to many more relaxing weekends.