Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My little man

Check out those amazing green eyes, I can't imagine who he gets those from...

Julien was out of school again today, so he went to therapy with Monkey and me this morning. He is such an amazing help to me, carrying the walker, braces, bags, laptop, Monkey...I don't know how I manage when Julien is not with me!

School will resume tomorrow...wow, I could talk all night about that situation. I am trying my best to put my trust in the public school system, but when politics are involved and somebody's hiney is on the line, it's hard not to question things and to trust anyone.
So, off to school the kids go tomorrow. Let's pray that all goes well and there are no problems or health concerns! I really want to be one of those fanatical Mom's who keep their child safely tucked away at home for another week, but I'm trying to be rational...it is so hard!



Nicole said...

Julien, you are such a great big brother! Your Mom and Addie are so lucky!