Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Splash Pad Season!

Here we are again right in the middle of splash pad season.
We started out the summer at Addie's favorite splash pad - a mere 1 1/2 hours away.
It was just the beginning to our summer adventures.

Once she figures out how to push that button, I'm going to be in big trouble!

Chris and I never have the "luxury" of sitting idly by and watching Addie play.
We are always having to watch her very closely (just like I did with Julien), and we not only have to sometimes give her direction and encouragement, but we always have to watch the other kids playing around her.
They drive us crazy.
Just like every year before, we have the battle of the buckets.
I will never understand why kids think it's OK just to snatch things out of other kids hands.

I think Chris and I spent more time asking politely for the return of Addie's buckets than we did actually just watching her play.

When kids asked nicely, Addie always shared her buckets, and why I haven't started my own bucket business yet, I don't know.

Addie no longer has a fear of running through the water, she loves it!

She loves even more trying to tackle me and get me soaking wet.

Our afternoon of fun came to a screeching halt when another child knocked Addie down, resulting in a bruised hand, knee and thigh (for Addie).
My Little Monkey has her own evil ways, but I'm trying desperately to instill manners in her.
She is sweet and kind and will be back out at another splash pad soon, hoarding buckets and bloodying knees.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Tooth Number Four

Addie extracted tooth number four at the urging of her aide.
Addie was having a tough time eating snack at camp, and since there isn't a whole lot that stands between Addie and her snacks, it didn't take much encouragement for Addie to remove her tooth.

I'm actually quite proud of her...and 100% relieved that I didn't have to play any part in the whole process.

June 16, 2014

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bless her...

Julien is out of town for three weeks and Addie misses him terribly. 
The first night he was gone, Addie hung out in his room. 
When it was time for bed, I had to extract her from his room, which resulted in a full blown tantrum.
She was absolutely hysterical.
Last night, I decided it just wasn't worth it and allowed her to sleep in his bed.

Each evening when we get home, the first thing she does is ask for him and then asks to go to his room.

This is going to be a long three weeks.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

We had a rather low key day.
Chris asked for a late lunch at Egg and I, and while Addie enjoyed it, she never did get around to eating because she was too busy watching the baby seated nearby...and the man in front of us with a broken arm.

I took part of her lunch to go and as soon as we exited the restaurant and the distractions were left behind, she consumed her lunch!

She wasn't about to stop eating long enough to take a picture, so while she was chewing her food,  I managed a picture 

or two.

Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Sweet Girl

Now that Addie is accustomed to going to salon's, she tags along with me when I have evening appointments.

She has gotten to the point where she will sit contently,

but she is always observant and still loves to people watch.

She even manages to make herself right at home wherever she sees fit.

Although she knows it isn't her turn, she still needs reassurance that we will come back soon to have those beautiful little pigtails pampered.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Outdoor Life

 We are trying to take advantage of every opportunity to get outside and enjoy the rare pleasant Alabama weather.

Monkus and her silly little facial expression was happy and content as her Daddy pushed her up the steep trails.
She's rotten.
It's a fact that I don't even try to hide.

It's sad...we are those people.

Addie followed Julien around the barn and was extremely hesitant to step foot back outside.
Although there were only a few people out in the barnyard and the animals were lazy and docile, Addie refused to approach any of the animals...or people.

She made her way back through the barn and happened upon the friendly barnyard goat

and just about hit meltdown - and for no apparent reason.
After I rescued her - and after Chris rested from overexerting himself immediately following a massive illness - we decided Addie had enough excitement for one day.

Addie loves being outside and she loves walking and seeing new things, but it always wears her out pretty fast.
Despite her tiring out so quickly, it never takes long for her to recover and to be ready for our next little adventure.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Tooth Number Three

Loose tooth number three has been wreaking havoc since about mid May.  

This past Sunday, Julien returned home and immediately began the task of trying to remove the pesky little tooth.
He did not succeed.

Today while at summer camp, Addie's aide convinced her to wiggle her tooth and apparently the encouragement and a bit of peer pressure finally enabled the tooth extraction.

Tooth number four is loose and should not be too far behind.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Charlie's Mom and Marcel

Charlie's Mom recently spent a few days in San Francisco and on her way out of a Giant's game, something at a street vendor caught her eye.
Charlie's Mom is very keenly aware of Addie's love of monkey's and decided to bring this little guy back for Addie.
It took only a moment for the rest of the group to name the monkey Marcel and to treat him to a royal night on the town.

Addie was super excited when I told her she had a present waiting for her!

Upon extracting Marcel from the bag, Addie excitedly yelled, "Bunkey!"

and gave him lots of loving.

I pointed out Marcel's "SF" birthmark at the same time Addie was sending her verbal thanks for this precious gift.

Thank you to Charlie's Mom and two brothers for thinking of my sweet Addie while on your vacation!