Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween - "all done"!

Monkey helped me hand out candy to all the trick-or-treater's.
It took a while before Monkey caught on to what we were doing, but next thing I knew, she was reaching in the candy bowl holding out pieces of candy for each child!
I had to guide her hand from the bowl to the bags, but she was such a sweet helper! We stayed outside with our neighbors as long as we could before Monkey got too cold and we decided to wrap it up for the evening.
We are "all done" with Halloween and looking forward to tomorrow.
We can't wait to see what blessings and miracles are yet to come! Watching her Daddy light the pumpkin - I took this picture right before I had to scoop her up to "save" her from the scarecrow!
All ready to pass out the candy!

Pictures of the day!

I hope these ladies don't mind

the pictures on the blog, they are too funny to pass up!
These two ladies got the biggest kick out of watching Monkey's expression over the bubbles, so much that they came back around and blew more bubbles for Monkey after everybody else had their turn!
Monkey was bracing for the bubble attack and had us all laughing so hard!

Time for art!

Chunky Monkey had a great time decorating her pumpkins!
I had a moment where I had to catch myself from the edge of the cliff in which my emotions were about to take a nose dive and plummet to the dark, dusty depths below.
It still hits me hard sometimes how Monkey struggles.
She wanted so much to hold that stinkin' bottle of glitter and decorate her pumpkin.
She doesn't mind a bit that I have to help her and I am not even sure that she is aware of her lack of coordination.
Regardless, I managed to come to a screeching halt right before I reached the edge and I made myself remember that she is doing so much more than anyone ever thought she would.
So stinkin' what if I have to help her shake glitter on her Halloween pumpkin!
My job is to help her, love her and protect her and if that means we have to wait years before she can shake the glitter on her own pumpkin, then so be it.
That is the most beautiful little pumpkin I've ever seen.

The fabulous lady at Gymboree helped Monkey with her pumpkin and never demanded the "perfect" pumpkin.
I hate that we don't have more opportunities to participate in activities at Gymboree, Monkey loves it so much!

Missing one

It is never the same without Julien, but here is "Just Us" minus one.

Addie wasn't about to miss a thing!

Sweet moments...

Getting the hang of it!

Monkey is really getting fast at crawling through the tunnel!
Lot's of good progress!

You guys crack me up!

I ask forgiveness from all of you that asked if I made Addie's costume...I realize my attempt to stifle a laugh probably did not work very well.

For the rest of, I didn't make Addie's costume.

A big thank you to Pottery Barn Kids and SweetPeaPod's for making this Halloween Costume possible.

For those of you that don't know, finding a Halloween Costume for Chunky Monkey is a daunting task for me - read more here - and I had to find a costume in which I could have a hat made for Addie.

I think the costume this year was perfectly fitting for Addie and she LOVED it!

So, bear with me as I go through the gazillion pictures from Halloween and play catch up on updates for the blog...more pictures coming soon!

Halloween Day

Our Halloween Day started at 4:00 a.m.

Julien was scheduled for football pictures at 7:00 a.m., immediately followed by two football games.

Wouldn't you know soon as all five of us (Julien's friend stayed the night) were up and ready to head out, the pictures and games got rained out.

I have always wanted to wake at 4:00 a.m. to rush around getting three kids up and ready...for nothing.

Unfortunately, Julien had to spend Halloween away, so after taking him to his destination, we headed to Addie's dance class.

(No Halloween pictures of Julien this year)

Chunky Monkey had such a wonderful time at dance!

I must say that I am very impressed with Addie's teacher because I see her becoming more comfortable with Addie and I see how she is learning to anticipate Addie's needs.

I meet Addie at the door after each class - she is always the last one out - and her teacher made a point of telling me how well Addie did and that she "is always so happy".

After leaving Johnny to tend to other guests we headed home for a nap, a change of clothes and off to Gymboree Play and Music for their Halloween Party!

I am so glad we signed Addie up, she had a blast and we were overjoyed just watching her!

E.R. Baby was not to be left out of the festivities!

The clothes started shedding after the realization hit that climbing becomes easier when not wearing a tutu.

Check out the cutest baby chicken duck ever!

Everyone at the party was so unbelievably sweet, we were blessed to be surrounded by kind people today!

Friday, October 30, 2009

After the parade came the party

Kristen, one of Monkey's teachers, made all the little ones Halloween candy corn shirts for the party.

She is so beautiful...
and has the best personality!

Check out Monkey's pink tennis balls for her chair.

They had to be pink - per Heather's request - physical therapy works the best when customized to fit each individual child!

Monkey is working on learning how to pull her chair out away from the table and sit down by herself.

It sounds like such an easy task, but we have been working for months on this skill. It's not so easy when you factor in lots of balance, coordination and depth perception issues.

We'll get there...all in God's time.

I'm in no rush, I'm still reeling over watching my angel walk!

I'm taking it one miracle at a time!

Too sweet!

Another Mom sent this picture to me.
It is just too precious!
Addie and Landon at the Halloween Parade
Thanks Shara!

Halloween Parade 2009

My Little Sunflower!
Addie had her Halloween Parade and Party last Wednesday at school and she had such a good time!
Do you want to know what the most remarkable part of the day was?
Listening to person after person commenting on Addie walking; everybody was so very proud of Addie for walking in the parade this year!
She was so happy to be with her friends...and a little puzzled over the fact that I was there, but not holding her hand!
Look at her, walking all by herself down the hallway!!!!!
All done and heading back to class!

Waiting patiently for her turn to go in.
I am so proud of her for doing so well; it was such a beautiful sight to see!

For a great cause!

The teacher's at Addie's daycare decorated pumpkins for a silent auction benefiting Camp Smile-A-Mile.
Chris and I have never dreamed of owning a painted pink piggy pumpkin, but was for a great cause and somebody had to take him home!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

2009 Pumpkin Slaughtering

Disclaimer: This took place before my baby boy fell ill and missed the last three days of school!
Lets beginVertical positioning, not supine.
Snacks are allowed in the observation room.
Bulbus oculi
Scalpels are for sissies.
Assistant surgeons are allowable providers for this procedure.
Surgical gloves? Obviously not needed.
Antibacterial soap, bleach, bactoshield, betadine...?

Examination of the orbital socket.

Procedure complete

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Lee!

Addie was invited to her very first birthday party!
I am referring to her first invitation from friends at school - not friends or family. Lee's fabulous Mother began by reading all the little ones a story about Clifford and the Fire Department.
After the story, we all walked over to the Riverchase Fire Department!
What a neat idea for a birthday party!
Addie took it all in...the tire was huge compared to Addie!
Silly little Monkey...loving nothing more than sitting with her friends and having her picture taken!
They had just about had it with the paparazzi!
Addie even found the "hidden mirror" on the fire truck!

She looks so tiny...she could be an ornament for the front of the truck!

Let's not forget the cake and ice cream!
This was the second favorite of all the little ones after the fabulous ghost fruit bouquet from edible arrangements!
After dessert, Lee's Mom gave everyone a little pumpkin to decorate - how creative!
Thank you again for hosting a wonderfully, creative birthday party and thank you for allowing us to attend!
Happy Birthday Lee!