Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My big interview...finding the words.

I had my interview with the writer from The Birmingham Parent Magazine this morning.

The writer was amazing. She was more than happy to let me ramble and throw in bits and pieces of my thoughts throughout the conversation. She was compassionate and used just the right words, making me feel that she understood. Terminology is very important.

I wanted to mentally prepare for the interview and wanted so desperately to make sure that I found just the right words, but it was a bit harder than I thought it would be.

I think it was my emotions that interfered with my thought process. I really thought that after twenty-one months I would be able to talk to someone about Monkey and her diagnosis and keep my emotions at bay. I never cried, but it sure was a battle.

I wanted so much to tell the writer that Monkey is a miracle and that she is only doing as well as she is because of our God, because of the thousands of prayers.
I wanted so much to give an intellectual description of what Microcephaly is.
I wanted so much to have the words to help people understand the condition and to understand Monkey.

I think I said all of that and I know I threw in as much as I could about Monkey. Who she is, her likes, her accomplishments. I realized that it is so much easier to write about it than it is to talk about it.

The writer told me that I was more than welcome to email her if I thought of anything else that I would like to add before the deadline next month. To be honest, I am drawing a total blank. I think I said it all, but I'm not certain.

I prayed so hard for the right words to come. I wasn't nervous because I knew the words that came would be the right words. This may be my only chance to educate people on Monkey's condition in a more public format and I pray that this article opens if not a door, maybe a window for Monkey.

I think I am only uncertain about the conversation, because I don't remember all that I said.

Please pray that this article glorifies our God. Please pray that the writer finds just the right words to publish and please pray that this article will allow all of the struggles that Monkey endures to be used for a greater purpose.


Aunt Cissy said...

Jennifer, I am sure your words were wonderful. I know they bring everything to light for me. I think Addie has brought many things to all of our lives. She is an amazing child; hopefully people will be educated by the article. Addie is a true blessing to us all. Love always!

Polly & Steve said...

The reason all of us read your blog is because of the wonderful way the you explain your feelings and the life you have with your family. I am sure that God was guiding you on what ever you told the editor. I pray that God will guide her fingers in writing all that you told her, and for her to be as articulate (sp??)with Addie's Story as you are. Many Hugs and I hope Addie is better, I pray for God's hand on her little forhead so that the fever will be gone.