Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Give me a little more credit

My dashboard is filling up with all kinds of comments from people.

Some people enjoy criticizing me when I am walking a path you have never been before and if you have, by all means let me know how you are handling life better than I am. Those are the pointers worth sharing for all my readers.

The one comment I did publish is the only one worth responding to because it was an honest question/comment.

I guess sometimes I don't expand upon my thought process quite as much as I should, so let me clear this up.

I would never post a negative comment about someone who has a mental disability. The two nosey women that we encountered were just that - NOSEY. They appeared to be of sound mind but I will admit that my PhD in Psychology is lacking a few credits before completion, so it was nothing more than an educated guess. The bagger at Publix also appeared to be of full mental capacity. The only time that I vent about people is when I know that they knew better than to act the way they did.

Contrary to what someone might think, I have always been sensitive to people with disabilities. Instead of being out with my friends, I volunteered at a nursing home when I was a teenager and was exposed to people of all abilities. I also was brought up not to stare at people and even when the "shoe was on the other foot", I harbored the manners that were drilled into me by a Mother who loved me enough to teach me the difference between right and wrong.

When I vent, I am venting about MY life experiences and how dare anyone try to debate that.

You guys have no idea who I truly am and the true joy I experience every day in my life. This is my therapy. Therapy that I could never get from a support group or a Rx and neither one have a place in my life. I appreciate all the comments that I receive, but before you start giving advice, preface it by saying that you have a child with Microcephaly and each and every day of your life is full of joy and you never encounter someone who treats you or your child with disrespect. You will have my full attention.


Cecilia (Aunt Cissy) said...

Amen Jennifer; I love y'all very much but I have no idea what you have to endure everyday. I see nothing wrong when I look at chunkus. I don't understand people sometimes. I think you are very inspiring and not just because you are my sister. Keep up the blogs in the manner in which you have. They give me what I need at that precise moment. I love you.

Nicole said...

Addie is a gorgeous little girl! I have yet to understand why people can't see that! As I said before....YOUR blog, no one is being forced to read it. Write what YOU want to write, not what others want you to write. You are doing a great job educating people about Addie and God's miracles being perfomed through her.

Anonymous said...

I think you are amazing for what you say daily. I think you are much nicer than I would be if people stared at my child. When I see Addie, I see a little ray of sunshine just as I do with other happy children at the daycare, at the park or anywhere I may go. Please do not let anyone keep you from posting how you normally do. These blogs are therapy for me as well because it makes me want to be a better parent to my little man. How dare anyone chasitize you and your feelings.

Katie said...

Hi Jennifer,
I have thought about commenting on your blog many times since I started following it about six months ago (a wrong click on another blog led me here and I have been hooked since). While I haven't commented before, I have prayed for you and your family many times.

Your family's story is such an inspiration. The way you handle yourself with such poise and grace is truly admirable and it saddens me to think that anyone would question that. You follow your heart, and the Lord and that's what counts.

Thank you for sharing your story with all of us, you guys are all wonderful examples and you exemplify the kindness that I wish more people possessed.

You'll continue to be in my prayers!

Lennie said...


We don't know each other, but after following your blog for more than a year now, I feel like I know you and your precious family. I work in the field of special education with young children and think you handle things extremely well and are more than justified in an occasional "vent". When I was a teacher, I took my classes on field trips and know what you mean about the stares and stupid questions. They hurt. I wasn't even the parent of the kids they were directed to and they still hurt. Anyone who is too ignorant/apathetic to realize that is just fooling themselves. I applaud you in your mission to educate others. I have been in the field for more than 10 years and sometimes think it is a one day/person at a time quest. Thank you for sharing with all of us. I for one appreciate all you do and check in daily to see how your sweet baby girl is doing and what she has learned each day.