Sunday, October 26, 2008

Such amazing progress!

Monkey has learned something new and amazing...well actually TWO amazing things!

First, Monkey has learned to wash her hands!!!!
She is amazing. I have always washed her hands for her, doing all the work, but explaining to her what I was doing. Monkey has mastered this task! She knows how to hold her hand under the dispenser, wet her hands and rub them together and then rinse them off! She was so thrilled this morning when she was washing her hands for breakfast. When we sat down at the table, I told her again how proud I was of her for washing her hands and she proceeded to show me how she rubs her hands together!
In the bath last night, she tried to grab the bottle of baby wash and wanted me to put some soap on her hands. I am so happy for her and she is so very proud of herself!
This is something that Monkey feels like she is really doing by herself, I know she is so proud, I can see it all over her face!

Second, Monkey has started playing Mommy to ER Baby.
She has been doing subtle little things sporadically, but this morning she was all about baby! Monkey has been overly attached to ER Baby lately and after she washed her hands this morning, she demanded that she have baby back. Since this was not a fight I feel is worth fighting, I gave baby back and put Monkey in her highchair. Baby was on Monkey's lap and wedged between the glass top of the table and Monkey's legs. Monkey must have thought about this during prayer, because once I told her that she could "eat", she pushed herself back from the table, grabbed baby with her right hand and tried to pull herself back to the table with her left hand. Monkey then began to eat with baby snuggly tucked under her right arm. A few minutes into breakfast, Monkey put baby on the table, grabbed a pancake and tried to feed baby. After breakfast Monkey sat with baby snuggled in her arms and rubbed baby's head and gave her hugs.

This is a milestone and an amazing one! I honestly never knew if I would get to experience this!

Monkey is so amazing and such a gift!

I thank God for these miracles and these blessings!


aunt cissy said...

Addie is amazing! It is truly great that she has learned to wash her hands already, she knows how her mother is about those icky germs. Ha ha. It is a true blessing. It is wonderful that she is so attentive to ER baby as well. Addie is a remarkable child. Gabi and I love her very much.

Polly & Steve said...

Jenn it was so good to see you and Addie at Publix Saturday, She had ER baby in her lap then. Her smiles are worth a million dollars! When I clean and run to the store with no make up on I usually run into someone. Oh well such is life. Give Addie and Jullian hugs for us.