Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My deepest apologies

Today was picture day at daycare.

I should go ahead and apologize now to all the parents of the children in Monkey's class at daycare.

Monkey's teachers are so sweet and decided to wait until Monkey got to school from therapy before allowing the class picture to be made.

Well, there was really no need. Monkey is teething and when I say teething, I really mean, morphing into a demon with horns and fangs!

When Julien and I brought her into class this morning, I totally had her out of her routine. We have a set routine when we walk into class and it makes for a much easier transition for Monkey.... (insert excuses here)

Anyway...Monkey screamed when it was time for the class picture. All of her friends were sitting or standing nicely and waiting oh so patiently for Monkey to stop screaming. A few of the boys kept trying to give her hugs and kisses to calm her down...that didn't work.

To make an embarrassing, long story short:

That precious class picture that most toddler parents would love to cherish for the rest of their existence was flawed by the screaming, red faced, tantrum of a little Monkey.

Maybe you all can just Photoshop a smile onto Monkey's face and scrapbook away...


Anonymous said...

Some of the sweetest pictures I see are of kids crying. It shows that they are human. So for all the people that try and find Addie's faults, take a look and realize that she is just as human and normal as the rest of us; there is no difference.

Polly & Steve said...

You know Addie has a personality and some days us girls need to not be all sugar and spice! HA. I am sure the parents will cherish and you will, the school picture, crying or not! Teething is the pits! I just wish I had some teeth to hurt! (smile) God bless Addie and the best Brother a girl (or monkey) could ask for. Hugs to you Jen!

Anonymous said...

But Jennifer, as an avid scrapbooker when I have time (never), that would make for a better scrapbooking "moment", better journaling and also you can work that red in there. : ))) Much more interesting and memorable than all smiling little faces. Besides, Addie has to be cute with any expression on that little face. : )))
Lynn E