Thursday, September 29, 2011

Play Dough

I am all about "natural" products.
I incorporate natural products into our lives whenever practicle and feasible.
Julien asked me to pick up a few ingredients because he wanted to make Addie "natural" play dough.
He made it at school and brought the recipe home for us to try.
He was thrilled over being able to make something for her, especially something that she could play with and we didn't have to worry about her putting it in her mouth!

We had so much fun making the play dough and playing with it and it smelled awesome!!!

Courtesy of Julien

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baseball, Traffic, Football and Baby Carli

We had a ton of things to accomplish on Saturday.
We started off our day by leaving my car at the car doctor, then we proceeded south to watch a very special baseball game, immediately followed by a mad dash back to pick up my car, only to get stuck in football traffic (Roll Tide...), which left us just minutes to retrieve my car before closing time, followed by a pit stop to pick up some meds for Addie, followed by a spur of the moment trip to Mother's to watch the game...and check on the baby.

Addie was momentarily entertained by her new book from Chick-Fil-A.
I love that place simply because Addie loves it and is always so happy with the new books that come with her meal.
In fact, Addie has learned to spot a Chick-Fil-A restaurant and when she does, we hear, "Fruit? Chicken?".
Sweet girl knows what she wants!
It's yet one more connection that she has made.
One more connection that brings us such joy!
Sweet Baby Girl felt just awful!
The sunshine and change of scenery was good for her though!
Many of you who live within the State of Alabama know that when the question,
"What does the elephant say?"
is posed to a child,
the appropriate answer is always:
"Roll Tide!"

When my brother asks Addie the question,
"What does the tiger say?"
He thinks the appropriate response is always:
"War Beagle!"

My poor baby girl is so confused!

Once we finally made it past game day traffic and made the stop for meds, we made it to Mother's....
and to see the baby.
I never in a million years - ever - thought my Mother would put a sweater on her dog.
However, seeing as how Carli is not a dog, it makes perfect sense that she requires a full wardrobe just as any other baby would.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Amusement For The Day

One of the search phrases that directed someone to the blog was:

"Sick Baby Monkeys"

It made me smile....

Better Today

Addie didn't sleep very well last night, but did appear better today.
I am so hopeful that this round of fungus infestation is almost behind us!

5th Game of the Season

Yet again, the 7th graders had to stay on the sidelines because the opponents did not have a 7th grade team for us to play.
I was extremely surprised at Julien's attitude over the entire situation.
He wasn't ticked off about it and is looking forward to his next opportunity to play.
I was impressed...
Part of his positive attitude came from the time he got to spend with his teammates discussing the size of the opposing teams players.
Holy cow...these kids were huge!
The picture doesn't adequately capture the size of #75.
When this kid walked onto the field, I think every spectator gasped!
By the way, their #24 was awesome.
Might as well get comfortable!
It was another long night and another time that we were incredibly thankful that Addie was at home.
We had a delay due to lightening...
despite the beautiful sunset!
Our guys won this one.
Once again, I am so thankful for pictures like this.
Teams gathered together in prayer.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just a Little Confused...

On the way home, we had to detour by a local home improvement store.
We stayed in the car simply because it's just not any fun picking out air filters.
While waiting, Addie got really excited and said, "Daddy!"....and then looked at me with a very confused look on her face.

When I looked over, I realized that she had seen the employee pushing the carts and wearing a blue hat that very much resembled her Daddy's!

This blue hat wearing guy is the one that actually belongs to us!

Afternoon of Therapy - That's a Wrap!

After resting for a minute...
We headed back to the swings.
This time Addie got to "try" a big girl swing and was extremely proud of herself!

Not Over Yet

Chunk is still having a tough time.
The ear infection is definitely not improving, her eyes still look awful - although they do look better today, and she spent the day fighting off a low grade fever and refusing to eat.
Julien was away for the weekend and Chris was out of town, so we had a very quiet day.
I do realize that all it will take is for me to pick up the telephone tomorrow morning and Addie will have new meds called into the pharmacy, I was just really wishing that this wouldn't be so difficult for her - all over again.

When we went to see Dr. Davis last week, Addie was such a good girl. 
While in the waiting room, she was shaking with fear. 
She crawled onto my lap and just put her head on my shoulder. 
Once in the room, she was so good and compliant and never cried.
Although she is so frightened, she is so brave and I'm sure her bravery comes from knowing that Dr. Davis and his staff are always so sweet to her.
Maybe this week will be better for her!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


When Fungus Monkus woke this morning, we had all kinds of issues....lots of coughing, her eye was matted shut and her ear resembled slug fest 2011.

That immediately won her a day out of school, me a day not in the office and a trip to our very favorite ENT.

F.G. felt really bad all day and was either laying on the bean bag in the office or cuddled in my lap while I got a whole lot accomplished. 

We were able to get in with our ENT and he diagnosed her with Fungus of the Monkus. 
The same Fungus we have battled since she was an infant...well technically, he referred to it as the condition that seems to haunt children with "dysmorphic" features. 
Those words coming from anyone else probably would have stung tremendously a bit, but from our ENT, it only confirmed what we've known all along. 
Monkus has a much harder time than "typical" children and will fight sinus and ear infections...I'm assuming indefinitely.

Hard Work Pays Off

The "Big" Slide took a lot of work to get to.
Addie had to walk up level after level.
She did good holding onto the sides and stepping up, but any parts where she had to step down was just a nightmare. 
Sweet Girl had no idea where the drop offs were, so it was a constant struggle to keep her from getting hurt.

That's all alright though.
The effort is so very much worth the reward - for all of us!
We are just so thankful to have Monkus and for all of her accomplishments!

I love this picture...
This picture is a vague resemblance to our last bit of drama on a slide!
Julien to the rescue! was my turn.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Right With Him

Addie couldn't stand to have Julien out of her sight for even one second.
It wasn't enough for him to be close by, she had to be holding his hand.

I think she misses seeing him as much because of the time away with football.

Rock climbing anyone?

I have a ton of pictures from the park.
It will allow me the opportunity to look back on this time and see how Addie progresses just as I look back on posts like this one and this one and this one!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A High Degree of Difficulty

One of Addie's weak points is her ability to transition from surface to surface, climb stairs, etc.
She is doing so much better climbing stairs if she has a hand rail on each side to hold onto, but otherwise, it is impossible.
Addie has no concept of falling, transitional spaces or that she should pay attention to her feet - basically the ability to watch where she is going.

She is very much accustomed to her playground at school and it serves as a weekly spot for therapy.
She can maneuver throughout the playground as long as a teacher or therapist is with her.
She is so very proud of her ability to play with her friends!

While we see her progress in that familiar setting, other settings prove to be an enormous challenge and an enormous safety hazard.

While other parents sit back and watch their children play, we always have to be right with Addie.
I can't take her to the park without Chris or Julien there with me.
We have to be able to work as a team to help her through and to constantly cue her on what to do.

It's a lot of very hard work for Addie...
but the rewards are always worth it!


Addie's Special Education Teacher (Laura) called me today to tell me about Addie's therapy session.

One of the activities today was identifying fall pictures.  The goal was to have Addie imitate as many words as possible.

Laura was going through the pictures with Addie when they came to a picture of a football.

Laura said that Addie spontaneously said, "Football.  Julien.".

Now THAT was phone call worthy and one heck of a way to brighten this awfully dreary day!

Not only did Addie spontaneously say, "football" but she again made the connection to Julien.

Laura and I were absolutely thrilled!!!!

Little connections continue to be made.  Each little bit of progress brings us so much joy!

Lots of Activity

Once Addie realized that Julien wasn't leaving her again, we got back to therapy play time.

This park is really fabulous because it is multi-level and offers not only opportunities to work on Addie's balance, but also a ton of opportunities to have Addie focus on spacial awareness.
We started off on the far side of the playground.

Julien's foot may or may not have nudged her down the slide.
She has no problem pushing herself down the slide and has a great time!

Monday, September 19, 2011


They belong to me.

Counting My Blessings

Saturday was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed every single minute of it!

When Addie woke up Saturday morning, the first thing she said was, "Julien?".
She just wanted to know if he was in his room.
The rest of the day, he is all she wanted.

When they walked away from the swing, Julien had to go to the restroom.
Addie didn't understand why he was leaving her and lots of tears ensued.
She continued crying until he finally came back.
I informed him that next time his bladder would simply have to burst.
There would be no other alternatives.

Addie loves her big brother...and the feeling is very much mutual.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Bit of Progress

Hearing spontaneous speech from Addie is still very rare. 
When we do hear new things from her, it may be just one time and then not again or not again for a very long time.
Regardless, we take what we can get and cherish it.

Today, Chris was yawning and Addie looked at him and asked, "Sleepy?".

She just made me smile....

It is just one more little bit of progress and one more confirmation that the connections are being made.

We may not hear it again, but I will remember it forever!

Fungus Girl is fast asleep with fungus pouring from her ear. 
I don't know how I could have possibly been optimistic about the lack of Addie's ear issues. 
Eight-months passing without massive amounts of antibiotics or surgery - apparently means nothing.

Here we go again...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fungus Monkus

It's been a week....

It's been a very hectic week loaded with lots of meetings, football, migraines and fungus.

Addie has another ear infection.
My week was such that I didn't make her a doctor's appointment...just yet.

Pain meds and ear drops appear to be keeping the situation from escalating.
If things don't improve by Tuesday, off to the doctor we will go.

Sweet Baby Girl doesn't need any more ear problems and just when I thought we were leaving the perpetual fungus behind us!

4th Game of the Season

The 3rd game of the season was cancelled because the other teams field was too wet.

So, on to game 4.

I was proud of Julien. 
I think he did very well!

My camera is not sports friendly, so I take what I can get from high in the stands while tending to a little Monkey.

Black 68...Black 68....

He's bigger than the ref...

My little cheerleader did a fantastic job!
The weather was perfect football weather!
We won this one...