Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tough day and a bunch of little people

Let's see where I start with this one. This is a bunch of jumbled up stuff from today.

I'm in a really bad mood, so you may just want to skip this post...I need to vent!

Chris and I had a tough day. I think it was just one of those days and we were both super sensitive to our situation and to ignorance.

We had a whole list of things that we had to do today. We didn't manage to even leave the house until almost 10:00, which just messes up the whole day anyway.

One side note here: most of you are aware of my issues with germs. I am fully aware of the issues that I have. I am one of those people that don't want to use the pens on the little machines to key in my debit card number, I can't touch public door handles and I might as well wear a Hazmat suit to use a public restroom. Keep this in mind...

I think the entire time that Chris and I have known each other, we have only been to one yard sale. I think yard sales are a great idea, but with my germ issues, yard sales and I don't mesh too well. So, as we are getting in the car to leave this morning, I told Chris that I wanted to go look at some yard sales. My intent was to find Addie an outdoor play set. Considering, we are never home to use one, it doesn't seem very logical to spend $300, $500 or $800 for the ones that I have found that I like. Problem solved, I will just find one at a yard sale. Great in theory, but not so easy to do. I guess had we left the house when I intended to, it would have worked out great.

The first yard sale that we stopped at had an outdoor play set that would work perfectly for Addie. Of course as we are walking up, some other nice man is loading it into his truck! Errr!
To my huge surprise, this cute little bitty PINK doll stroller catches my eye as I'm trying not to whine about our loss at not getting the play set. Chris agrees to get it for Addie and didn't even question me about it. Come to find out, the lady who was running the yard sale is an "Addie fan" and follows our blog! I could kick myself now for not being nicer, but it had already been a rough day by the time we left our house and I was having a hard time being chatty. I'm sorry!!!!

So, we leave, pink baby doll stroller in hand and head out to our old neighborhood. We happened upon a yard sale that one of our old neighbors a few streets back was having. She also works at HMS and volunteers at HIS, so we know her fairly well. We stopped and as soon as I got Addie out of the car, she spotted a bus full of Little People. Until this morning, I could never fathom the thought of buying toys from a yard sale, but apparently today broke all the rules. Without a thought, I told Chris to get the bus, but could I deny Addie what she wanted because of my psychological germ issues? When I tell you that this bus was FULL of Little People (when you buy retail, it only has 3 Little People in it), I'm not kidding...the lady had stuffed 14 Little People in the bus! Addie has a thing for the Little People, probably because they fit so nicely in her little hands! So, we brought home the bus and the 14 little people...who are soaking in bleach as I type this. Not because of the sweet people that we bought them from, but because I don't know who played with them before Chris and I arrived to rescue them!

Anyway, I was thrilled to get Addie her stroller and her bus today and thanks to the great ladies who sold these to us!

OK, so we finish up with the yard sales and never did have any luck with the outdoor play set.

Although, we had a long list of errands, we accomplished just 2 of them! It was such a bad day with other people, that we had just had enough and didn't want to go anywhere else.

On our first stop, we had no longer been in the store for 2 minutes than Chris said to me, quite loudly I may add, that he didn't understand "what everybody's problem was and why they felt like they needed to stare, he was sick of it". If you know Chris, you know that is so unlike him! He never loses his temper and especially at strangers! I don't need to say that we didn't stay long.

Our next stop wasn't any better. We had to go to Pottery Barn Kids to buy a baby shower present for a friend. Pottery Barn Kids and I are very good friends and my shopping experience is determined by who is in the store when we go in (I have a package from them sitting in my foyer at this moment...on-line shopping is so much nicer!). Since the only store around is at The Summit, it is a total roll of the dice.

I just don't get it. I swear, I'm going to buy Addie a shirt that says, "I have the plague and am highly contagious". PLAGUE FEARING people, I have no other way to describe it.

Well, we bypass all of our other stops and head straight to Lakeshore Foundation. I think in all of this mess, I forgot to mention that Addie is TEETHING! This isn't just any ordinary teething; she is morphing into a little demon! She is in terrible pain and no matter what I give her or how I try to make it better today, she is just miserable!

Keep in mind my germ issues. I am having to mentally give myself a pep talk over this whole water therapy thing. I realize that chlorine kills germs, but there is something about used band aids laying on the side of a pool that just sends my phobia into over drive! I will do anything for my matter what!

We get to Lakeshore and start with "land therapy", Addie isn't the least bit interested, but I was hoping that when we went to the pool, she would have a change of heart. I sent Chris to the gym to work out and I took Addie to the pool. For the next hour, everyone else in the aquatics area got to hear Addie fuss and scream and whine. I finally gave up and just held her. I held her and walked with her in the water and sang to her. I held her close and told her what a great job she was doing and how I was so proud of her. I held her close because that is all we both needed.

It has been a bad day, for us all. Julien is away until tomorrow and that makes it all even worse. I worry about him like crazy when he is gone.

Addie went to sleep at 6:30 after another dose of motrin. I think it's going to be a really, really long night.


WicketsMom said...

Well, I'm not quite as germ-a-phobic as you are, but all of the toys we get from consignment sales or yard sales get wiped down with Clorox wipes and/or put through the dishwasher. We also stay away from used plush animals because they're too hard to clean well. You don't know where they have been and I know they will end up in his mouth at some point!