Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Monkey is beyond blessed. She has so many friends at school that are so kind to her. Noah has taken to Monkey these last few weeks. He is just crazy about her!

As soon as we walk in each morning, Noah runs over and holds his arms up so that he can grab Monkey and give her a hug.
He follows us over to the sink, waits while Monkey washes her hands and grabs the paper towel for Monkey to dry her hands on.
Noah waits while I give Monkey lovins and then reaches up to take Monkey's baby. Noah takes baby over to Monkey's cubby and puts her safely in for the rest of the day.
When I come to pick Monkey up, Noah is there, giving Monkey lovins.
He runs to her cubby, grabs baby out and brings her to Monkey.
Right before I walk out the door, he reaches up for one last hug before we leave...

I pray that Monkey is always this blessed with beautiful friends who love her!


aunt cissy said...

It is amazing that at their age to find the loyalty and love. Very heartwrenching, touching, everything. The story took my breath away. Of course, she will always find friends that love and adore her. Her smile draws people. She is AWESOME. Love always, your very proud oldest aunt.