Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Lakeshore orientation

Our orientation at Lakeshore went great!
Addie loves the water! As soon as we entered the pool area, she started squirming, trying to get down. The pool that Addie will use for therapy is a zero-entry pool, so I put her down and she immediately started crawling around and splashing! The therapist spent the next hour showing me different therapies that I can do with Addie (the same therapies that are used during the morning classes) and told me that she will be more than happy to spend more time with me next time showing me additional things that I can try.
Addie was all about every activity that we tried. She even showed off for the therapist by blowing bubbles with her mouth in the water - I guess most kids this age just stick their mouths in the water to drink. Not Addie, she is right on top of it all!
Addie had such a great time and was not happy to get out of the pool. :(

We will have many, many more opportunities to "play".

I can't wait for all the miracles to come!