Thursday, October 23, 2008


Alrighty, so Monkey didn't sleep last night. Monkey's Mommy didn't sleep either.

Monkey isn't feeling well tonight. Chris and I had a lot of juggling going on today to fit in everything that took place throughout the day. This evening, he dropped Julien off at football practice and had to go back into work to take care of a "critical situation". I took an upset Monkey to Publix to buy snacks for Saturday before heading over to the park to watch Julien. Monkey was just pitiful. She cried all the way to Publix, not a mad cry, a sad little pitiful cry. She still had tears in her eyes when we walked into the store.

I just love our local Publix, the workers are so incredible! Monkey started feeling a tad bit better after a trip to the bakery for a cookie and most of the tears were gone by the time she finished the piece of ham from the deli. :)

We had many passersby stop and say hello...even commenting that they read the blog. Tonight was a wonderful night, everyone was so friendly and so kind! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I wish it could be that way everywhere we go!

Monkey has already been up once tonight and is back in bed tossing and turning and whining. It's going to be another long night... :(