Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We Can Rest Easy

We have 24 hour access to an in house doctor.
The room is crowded, the wait is long, but the quality of care is phenomenal.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

There's That Whiny Girl Again....

Everybody knows that the first step to recovery, is admitting you have a problem.
I have a problem and I'm pretty sure some PhD somewhere would have a field day with me.

I play out scenes in my mind just like J.D. on Scrubs.
I apparently have little control over it and it only adds to my whacked out sense of humor that not everyone manages to pick up on.

Thank goodness, I can sometimes control the filter on my mouth before the thoughts swimming in my mind find a way to verbalize themselves...

We just wanted to be at the park just like everyone else.

Addie - according to her chronological age - 
is not a baby
she loves the baby swings and they keep her safe
we don't have a problem with it.
Safety first.

The Little Monkey and Big Bertha.

Sweet Addie still has lots of problems with motion.
She loves the swing, but not too high or too fast or she "loses her stomach" and crunches up into a little ball.
It's really pitiful at times...
Big Bertha is jammed in there and not moving an inch!
See...this is where it all went wrong.
Addie saw the big climber and appeared interested, so we took the opportunity to work in some much needed PT.
Lots of hard work, lots of encouragement and lots of guiding foot placement
She didn't give up!
This was my cue to grab her.
She gets tired when working that hard and has to rest.

Addie was sitting sweetly with her baby and was watching child after child go down the slide in front of her.
When there was a break in children, I slid her over to the entrance to the slide and encouraged her to go down.
It was at that moment that another little boy came in right behind her and tried his best to shove her down the slide by jamming his feet into her back and then proceeded to shove past her and go the rest of the way down the slide.

That didn't work well for Addie, Me...or him.

Addie became frightening, started crying and in an effort to avoid another slide incident, I grabbed her and pulled her back out of the slide.

>>>See...this is where my fabulous self control comes in, although thoughts and actions were swimming around in my deranged mind, I kept them contained...mostly!<<< 

For the rest of our visit, Addie wanted no part of the slide and each time the little boy walked by Addie, he pointed out to anyone within hearing distance that, "There's that whiny girl again!". about failure to take ownership of root cause and ones own actions...  

June 2, 2012

Right On Time...

I'm assuming it's the 547 degree, disgustingly humid temperatures that has turned my Little Monkey into a demon.

I'm waiting for her to develop a fever, break out in hives or start spewing forth bacterial laden goo...something, anything, to explain her mind-numbing behavior this week.

I'm exhausted from the drama.

...and it's right on time to fit in with my love of Summer and all things sweaty and putrid.

Imagine the momentary delight this evening when Chris and I finally sat down in the living room with Addie and the house was cool and quiet.

No sooner had we relaxed into the chair, our phone started to ring.
We don't answer our home phone - it just sits in the office for decoration.

We have perfected the art of ignoring our phone, but the Little Monkey has not.

The next thing we heard was Addie call out, "Morgan...,...Gill....!"....

She knows that when the phone rings at school, her teachers must answer it and we can only assume that the other children call out to their teachers to point out the obvious when the phone is ringing.

We don't know what she was really thinking, but whatever it was - it was just precious!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Painting Like A Pro

Addie recently attended a birthday party at Michael's.
It was really neat and she had a great time!

I'm not entirely sure how this orange and blue theme got started
but, I had to quickly take care of it.
The end result was pretty cute and Addie was so very proud of all of her hard work!

June 9, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lazy Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are usually pretty slow-going around our house.
Addie will normally sleep in to recover from not sleeping the night before.
The little vampire is great at entering a nice, deep sleep right at the point when I need to get up.
There are rare Sunday's when she will sleep until 9:00, but once she wakes up, there is no rest for the weary.

On this particular morning, we were both trying to recover from no sleep and it was well before 9:00.
When we came back in from retrieving the paper, Addie decided to have a seat and take in the view from the front door.
Rudy just couldn't stand not having her attention and Addie wasn't awake enough to even care.

June 3, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Addie is extremely insane particular over her babies.
She has to make sure they are well taken care of and if one little thing is out of place, her world comes crashing down.
Tonight, after I got her and two of her babies out of the shower, I wrapped all three of them up and took them downstairs.
The towel that was wrapped around the babies came loose and Addie, fearful that her babies were being abused and neglected, had a complete come apart.

It was such a spectacular display of tantrumness, that all Chris and I could do was just stand there and watch.

At one point, Addie ran to the couch and put her head down.
She lifted her head long enough to yell, "Mad!" and then proceeded back into her tantrum.

Once the demons released their grip on her, and I finished my glass of wine, I realized how beautiful the event was 
because Addie said a word that is new to her vocabulary.

I love progress!

Sweet GaGa!

My Mom brought flowers for Addie's graduation.
As soon as we got home, I got the vase out of the cabinet and arranged Addie's flowers for her.
Julien made the vase when he was in elementary school, so it was very special to be able to use it for this occasion.

Addie thought her flowers were beautiful!
Thank you GaGa!

May 24, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Addie's Preschool Graduation

Leading up to graduation, Addie's class practiced each day.
Addie was chosen to hold the flag during The Pledge of Allegiance.
This honor - of course - made her feel incredibly special and it was even more special that Anna Lien was chosen to help Addie.

At home, I practiced with Addie.
She would mimic the words with me as she stood with her hand over her heart.
She was so proud!

Laura took this picture for me during one of the practices.

When the big day came, it was completely different.
Addie was so shy in front of everyone and could barely participate in the flag ceremony.
Then, she just stood, watching everyone during the rest of the graduation.

It didn't help that her cap made her miserable.
When I first received the cap, I took it to our local and very fabulous seamstress so she could work her magic.
She did an outstanding job, but there was no amount of magic that could make the cap work for Addie.
I have pictures.
I'm choosing not to post them because I don't want that memory.
When the time comes for Addie to wear another cap, it just won't happen.
I suppose this situation was a win for Microcephaly and a loss for my good intentions.
This was one thing I didn't seem to be able to make better for her.
Lesson learned and I'll never make her go through it again.

Her former teacher, Stephanie, was gracious enough to take Addie from the room right after she received her diploma and I couldn't get to them fast enough.
I removed the pins holding the cap on Addie and rubbed the awful marks on her face and scalp where the pins had caused welts. 
It was awful.

Right after, everyone met in Addie's classroom for refreshments. 

It took a few minutes for Addie to perk back up.

This always helps.
My nieces and Mom came for the graduation!...
and of course, here we are.
Chris never made it into one of the pictures because we were trying our best to finish up and just go home.

It just wasn't one of our better memories.

May 24, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Julien's Home!

I wish I would have had my phone in order to video Addie's reaction.
It was priceless!

I picked up Julien this afternoon and then we went to pick up Addie.
When we got to Addie's classroom, Addie was in the back of the classroom playing with her friends.
One friend told Addie that her Mommy was there and when Addie looked up and saw Julien, she started smiling and screaming, but didn't move.
It took her a second and then she started to run to Julien, then stopped and dropped the blocks she had in her hands and then ran full force at him - had she been able to hurdle the tables, she probably would have.

Julien picked her up, the whole time Addie was still screaming his name, and she buried her head in his neck.
She was hugging him so tight, never letting go, only leaning back every few seconds to kiss his cheek and then she would bury her head in his neck again.

It was so sweet!

Julien had a fantastic time on his trip!


I meant to post this picture before now.
Julien got a dirt bike sometime in April (not from me) and has been riding it every chance he gets.

This is what off season from football and wrestling looks like.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012

Chris enjoyed a weekend of golf and a relaxing evening at home catching up on the must see - U.S. Open.
It just occurred to me that I didn't get a picture of him and Addie today (Julien is still away).

Chris is an amazing Dad and I couldn't imagine there being anyone else beside me through it all!

In remembrance of my Dad - I will defer to last years post.

Happy Father's Day to you all!

She Did It Again

Yesterday right as we drove past the swim club, I heard Addie say, "Water?".

It has been ten months since we went swimming at the club.
That is just proof that the Little Monkey remembers way more than she can tell us because I'm pretty certain she doesn't have super power x-ray vision in order to see through the building over to the pools.

Or, she has selective memory (kind of like others have selective hearing) and she only remembers the really fun or really traumatizing events.

Whichever it is, I'm now anxiously waiting to find out if she says anything else that lets me know she is continuing to make connections to past and current places and events!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Am

SO jealous!
Julien's view today:

Grace and Tact?

My children get both from me.

The night before my brother left to go back home, we all met for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.
We always end up sitting at the back of the restaurant, the farthest point from the front door and the restrooms.

The restaurant wasn't terribly crowded and Addie was right on target with taking inventory of what everyone was doing.
She's a people watcher. 

My brother had finished his meal and got up to go to the restroom.
Addie got a little concerned and asked, "Uncle Doodie go?".
My brother told her that he was going "potty", and he walked away.

Addie was completely focused on watching him walk away and I'm pretty certain she never took her eyes off the restroom doors while he was gone.

As soon as Addie saw my brother walk out of the restroom, she yelled across the restaurant in her sweetest, loudest, little voice, "Uncle Doodie, potty?".

Not a patron or an employee missed that question.

Not like it's a secret that we all must visit the restroom, but it's not usually announced for entire restaurants to hear, although that would add something a little different to the typical dining experience.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pictures of the Day

I saved my favorites for last.

She is absolutely beautiful!

May 20, 2012

Soccer Awards

The Little Monkey's last soccer game didn't just consist of standing around and looking cute.
There was also a pretty special awards ceremony, inflatables, a catered lunch from Carrabba's, cookies from Bud's Best and gift cards from Yogurt Mountain....tents courtesy of Publix and a DJ.
It was more than I expected and it was amazing to see the community support that was involved in providing an amazing experience for these children!

Addie went and sat with her Buddy during the awards (this would be Buddy number...six...?) 

It was blazing hot!
Addie's name was called quickly and after a little prodding, she walked up to accept her medal.

I wish I knew what she was thinking...
After the group picture - which was quite comical - my brother rescued her from the mob.

There were minor kinks in the program - but way less than you would expect for a brand new program.
Having an opportunity like TOPSoccer offered to us was amazing and as long as we can work it into our schedule, we will be back in the Fall...and I hope that the volunteers are out in full force this time.

It would be wonderful to have consistent volunteers who could partner with these children to help them and encourage them for six short weeks.
I cannot wait to see how TOPSoccer grows in our community.

We were honored to be a part of something that has the potential to grow beyond what we could have ever imagined.

I'll post more details closer to the Fall...

May 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


All the Little Monkey had to do was stand around and look all pitiful and sweet and look who came to her rescue.
He just couldn't stand it.
Trying desperately to instill proper technique.
Yeah, it is quite amusing. 
The Little Monkey was thrilled to see Uncle Howard (Uncle Doodie and Aunt Nonna) at her game!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Last Soccer Game

The last game of the season was a pretty big deal and Addie was so excited!

It takes a lot of effort to look this cute while trying to kick a soccer ball.

Sometime this summer, I need to schedule a spa day in order to have those cuticles properly analyzed.
They appear to be quite the distraction on the field!
She was playing it up for the camera.
It's almost not even possible to be any more rotten than this little Monkey!
May 19, 2012

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Moab Chamber of Commerce

I think I should contact Moab's Chamber of Commerce and request they add this to the 
Top Ten Things to Do and See in Moab.

I would say that Julien is having a mostly great time on vacation - sans the trip to the E.R. last night to remove a fish hook.

Holy Cow.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Sand Monster

We had a few hours to relax at home, so we headed out to the deck.
Addie loves playing at her sand table, being outside and people watching.
The weather was mild and she enjoyed every single minute of the afternoon!
Alley was sitting at the door acting all pitiful and frail, so I scooped her up and brought her outside with us.
Next thing I knew, I was coerced into wrapping Alley like a baby for my baby to hold.
Poor kitty!

May 19, 2012

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


tonight wasn't the evening of running around that I cared to have.
We ended up heading out for dinner and shopping right after work.

When we pulled into the shopping center for dinner, Addie must have been starving because she kept making sure we were going to "eat".

As we approached the restaurant, the nearby movie theater obviously caught her eye, because the next thing we heard was "Popcorn?".  
I don't even remember the last time we went to the movies - it has been a while, at least a year.

I didn't really believe that is what she meant, so when we left the restaurant I had Chris slowly drive by the theater and then when we got right smack in front, Addie pointed and asked again, "Popcorn?".

I have no idea how my child has any recollection of having popcorn at a movie theater or that she even remembers going to a movie theater!

We are just in shock.


this weekend, I'm taking my Baby Girl to see a movie and get some popcorn at the movie theater.

She just earned it.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

My Big Helper!

My Little Monkey absolutely adores helping me in the kitchen.
It is rare that we get the opportunity, but I made the time this evening and got home early enough to actually cook dinner.
As soon as Addie saw me move her tower over to the sink, she started beaming with joy and holding up her arms for me to pick her up!

I showed Addie how to wash the potatoes and had I not been watching her so carefully, she probably would have scrubbed each potato until her little fingers bled.
She was so thrilled to be my helper!

I won't even talk about the places the water ended up around the kitchen - it was worth it just to see her so happy.
I love to see her take pride in everything she does!

She makes me so proud!
When she finished washing the last potato, I looked over and caught the little Monkey doing this!
She is such a mess!!!