Saturday, September 13, 2014

Varsity Game Two - 2014

Game two of the 2014 season was played over 100 miles south.
It was during the awful week of Addie's ear infection, and she was miserable.
We didn't go to the game, and yes, I feel horrible about it.
We did listen to the game live, which helped a little.

HHS came out ahead with win two of the season with a score of 42-0.


September 5, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Game One 2014 - JV

Game One of JV Football Season 2014 was played at Shelby
and, yes
we were there just days earlier - for game one for varsity.

Julien has the opportunity to play varsity and JV.
It's a great opportunity for him, and was an unexpected addition to our schedules.

Julien is having a great time - and so far, the team is doing a great job!

Monday night football is tough on this Little Monkey, but she's such a trooper!

In between cheering for her Julien, she is mostly content to sit back and relax.

JV Game One - Win One.

September 2, 2014

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Addie Bear

After an incredibly horrible weekend relating to Addie's boo boo ear, I decided that I was sick and tired of always being the bad guy and decided to get Addie a little surprise.

When we saw this bear a couple weeks back, she noticed him and asked to go see him up close, but never made a fuss about getting him.

Addie never asks for things while shopping, but I always pay attention to see which items catch her attention.

I had planned on getting the bear and tucking him away for Christmas, but there's no time like the present, especially when it results in pure joy from this Little Monkey.

We were not even out of the parking lot and Addie kept asking if she could "hold him".
I knew she didn't feel well, so I agreed.
Not even a minute later, I looked back to find her soundly asleep.

Where has this bear been all her life?
I've been making jokes about taking this bear with us every time we leave the vicinity of our little town, but I'm only half joking.
This little guy will be taking some road trips, starting this Friday night.

I was able to get Addie in to see the Audiologist and ENT today (thank you random person for cancelling your appointment!).

Addie's right ear is still infected, the tube is still in place, and her eardrum was not ruptured.
Her left ear was not infected, the tube was still in place but occluded.
So, we continue with antibiotics and if nothing else happens, we go back in six months to evaluate the necessity to remove this set of tubes and allow her eardrums to heal in hopes that can happen without having to patch them.

It's not even worth trying to guess how this is going to go considering Addie's history with her ears.
I'm just thankful we have had these tubes stay in place for the last nineteen months. 

Sunday, September 07, 2014

The Longest Week - Ever

As luck would have it, a holiday week turned into a week of misery.
We ended up at the ENT with yet another ear issue.

While waiting for her turn, Addie decided to do a little bit of housekeeping.
Whatever kept her attention focused away from the obvious was fine by me.
It made the wait more tolerable.

This is the most annoying thing - EVER!
This sweet Little Monkey will sit so calmly and sweetly and allow others to look in her ears, but heaven forbid I even act like I'm glancing at them, and she becomes hysterical.

She is so accustomed to the routine, that the first thing she asked was, "Yellow?".
Which meant she was asking which color of ear tips was going to be used.

She is so incredibly rotten.

This time, it's the right ear that has her so miserable, although, it couldn't be determined if the tubes were still in place in either ear.

Despite the pain, she never moved.

Addie refused to leave the soundproof booth until we had our discharge orders.

She sat and reassured her baby that everything was OK.

The orders were to irrigate Addie's ear for ten days and apply antibiotic drops. 
As of Friday afternoon, I couldn't get an appointment for next week to get Addie back in sooner than our previously scheduled appointment, but I will be calling back tomorrow to try again.

Waiting two weeks is not an option - especially after the weekend we have had.

Addie napped as much as possible all weekend long and I don't know if Thomas knows she isn't feeling well or if he is just tired of Rudy being in the spotlight, but he parked himself on Addie's pillow and dared me to move him.
He stood watch over her the entire time she slept.

I am so hopeful this week will be better.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A Not So Long Weekend

After Friday night football, it was an effort to get up bright and early to get Julien to his hair appointment.
However, it was a good thing that Addie was there, she kept him occupied the entire time.

Apparently, we are terrible about pre-planning for events, because we ended up at Costco on yet another weekend.
This time, we had Julien with us and it truly makes our life a whole lot easier.

I have zero pictures of the rest of the weekend.
We had a great weekend of football, family and swimming and were relieved to have a bit of downtime.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Game One 2014

Game One of Football Season 2014 was played at Shelby.

The humidity and heat was most comfortable and after Addie realized there was popcorn and crushed "ice cream", she had an enjoyable night.

It was pretty exciting to watch these guys play the first real game ever 
even did so in partial darkness after half the lights on the field went out during the last quarter of the game.

Even more exciting was watching the pure joy of these guys enjoying their first victory!

Game two and game three are played away and this Friday will take us on a two + hour drive to the opponents stadium.

We are off to an amazing start to the season!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Football, Parties, and Swimming

I don't remember sleeping this past weekend, although I'm sure I did - at some point.

Friday night was the jamboree game at Julien's school.
We got our first look at the new uniforms, and I think they look great!

As I mentioned, the heat was pretty obnoxious, and Addie was miserable.

I only got the camera out one time and it took effort to even do that.
I think at game time, the temperature had cooled off to a chilly 93 degrees.

Over four hours later, we were heading home.

Saturday held a variety of fun and exciting times.
While preparing to leave the house for the day, we heard a ruckus in the kitchen that ended up being the handy work of D**n't Rudy.

Once all the broken glass was removed from various areas of the kitchen, we headed out to celebrate Chris's birthday with my family.

We met at Chuy's for what appeared to be a low key kind of celebration.
Addie didn't hesitate to beg for a ball of dough to play with, and she was more than happy to wipe the excess flour all over my shirt.

Lunch was commencing as expected until out of seemingly nowhere, a guide dog appeared with her owner.
The large doggy, walked right past our table, minding her business the entire time despite the shriek of terror coming from my child.
My happy Little Monkey went from eating her lunch to climbing onto my lap, then my niece's lap, then her Daddy's lap, all in an effort to get as far away from the doggy as she could.
Addie made such a scene, that one of the other lady's at the table with the doggy came over and talked to me.
I reassured her that we knew the doggy was well trained and absolutely harmless, but that Addie has trouble understanding some things, especially when they are out of place - and unexpected.

The appearance of the doggy, was a lunch ender, and a mood changer.

She was one very nervous girl.

My mom, sister, and niece helped Julien watch Addie for the rest of the day and evening so Chris and I could go out.
We were pretty excited about some alone time and took advantage of the opportunity.
Life was going swell, right up to the point where I fell - and injured my knee.
It was a very precious - and priceless moment.

the last three times that Chris and I have been out alone together, it has resulted in an injury or serious illness - for me.

In May, I fell in the parking lot of a nice, and very busy, restaurant and injured my wrist.
In June, I had the lovely experience of having the full attention of numerous firefighters, paramedics, guards and various medical staff - resulting in a trip to the hospital - via ambulance.
Then, this past Saturday - BAM, a knee injury that hurt way more than my pride.

After my husband bought alcohol (and not the kind I really needed), bandages and antibiotic ointment and got the bleeding stopped and me bandaged up, I didn't really feel like heading on to dinner or much of anywhere else.
We put in a dinner order to go and then sat and relaxed - in the middle of Costco - until time to leave to pick up dinner.

Really - you shouldn't be so jealous.
It's not quite as glamorous as it all sounds.

After heading home, lounging around in my self pity and talking to my family, Chris went into the kitchen to clean up.
After all, we were celebrating his birthday, so it was only fair that he ended up doing all the work for the entire rest of the evening.
As he was loading the dishwasher, he broke a glass.
Our day ended just as it had begun, cleaning up yet one more mess.

In hopes of dulling the pain of the day before, we headed over to my brother's house on Sunday to spend the day swimming.
This allowed Chris the opportunity to enjoy his real birthday day with not a whole lot of work involved.
...and water therapy does wonders for a busted, sore knee.
Swimming all afternoon made Addie incredibly happy...and even more exhausted than she already was.

We arrived home Sunday evening to find Rudy guarding Julien's sandals that had spent the entire weekend hanging out in the kitchen - 
because it takes just too much effort to actually move them to a more appropriate place.

Monday is wrapping up and no one has incurred new injuries or broken anything else.
We are off to a great start to the work week!