Monday, April 20, 2015


It's much too long in between the times Addie gets to see ToTo.  
However, she gets so excited every single time she sees him. 

When she learned that we were going to take ToTo for a walk, she gathered her baby, baby stroller and all baby accessories for an afternoon at the park. 

Addie was just thrilled to be out and about with ToTo.  
She was also happy to stand at a safe distance in order to keep from getting doggie water all over her. 

It wasn't long before she demanded her turn and had to catch up to Gabi and retrieve the leash. 
She had a bit of help.

Addie misses ToTo and she misses my Mom tremendously. 
She still "calls" her GaGa and talks to her. 
Out of the blue, Addie will get my phone and start having a conversation.
When I ask who it is, she always tells me that it's "GaGa". 
Every once in a while she will hand me the phone so I can say "hello" as well. 
Sometimes Addie will cry when she talks to Mom, other times she will just laugh and laugh. 
Addie still asks to see her GaGa, and she still expects to see her at every event we attend. 

I'm thankful for ToTo, for the joy he brings to Addie and I'm thankful for the frequent phone calls between Addie and my Mom

I only wish I could hear my Mom as clearly as Addie does.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


After taking some time off, Addie is trying TOPSoccer again. 

Week one was a success!
Addie immediately loved her sidekick and never hesitated to get on the field and play!!!

She had so much fun!

Trenton and Bergen are on our team,
...and yes, that is Baby Brock in the picture too!

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Spring Break 2015

The year of having a 16 year old boy took me down the path of allowing him the opportunity to choose where we spent Spring Break. 

His first choice was a European Cruise, so we ended up going with what was behind curtain number two. 


Not the Mickey Mouse loving part of Orlando, but the publicly protested and wizarding world parts of Orlando. 

Just like every visit in the past, it took Addie a while to acclimate to the environment. 
To be a little more precise, it took three and a half days before Addie seemed to enjoy the park atmosphere. 

Addie was all about going to a hotel. 
She remembered that she gets to "schwim" at hotels and she loves to go swimming!

Upon arrival, she got her baby all settled before getting changed for a relaxing evening by the pool. 

The next morning, we were ready to go!
Since Addie LOVES trains, I wanted to take her to the Hogwarts Express first thing. 
It didn't go quite as I had hoped. 

She was fretful over the entire experience.

She clung to us, and it was rather pitiful watching her be so anxious. 
However, it was Julien who became the chosen one of the week and she turned to him first for reassurance. 

He did not disappoint and was an amazing help to us.  
He is amazing. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Peace and Quiet

Addie's favorite place is wherever Julien is. 
Add in a paw to hold and there is a rare peace that creeps into each corner of my house. 

Crazy cat stayed this way for over half an hour.

It is not often that we have these kind of moments, but when we do, I cherish every single second.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hoover East Ballpark - All Inclusive Playground

We visited the brand new all inclusive playground at Hoover East ballpark today and had the best time!

The playground is probably the most "Addie friendly" playground we have ever visited. 

The ground was covered in one solid surface which meant I didn't have to worry about Addie tripping and falling while walking from area to area. 

Other than keeping her away from the swings while in motion and the few open areas on the playground equipment, the rest she was able to maneuver around with limited concerns. 

Oh, the swings - how we love them so!!!!

Addie was safe and snug and never got scared - she loved them too!!!

She was able to climb onto and out of this - and Chris and I could even sit with her to help!

The slides were sturdy and safe and just the right height for Addie to gain her footing at the bottom. 

Pull ups - she tried and tried. 

Shaded areas of the playground gave much needed relief from the glaring sun. 

Umm, nope. 
Maybe she will give it a try next time. 

Addie explored every inch of the playground and we left only after SHE said she was ready. 

This park makes our top three list of favorite parks in central Alabama.

Way to go Hoover!

Monday, March 09, 2015

Sunshine and Car Rides

We are taking full advantage of the intermittent beautiful weather days and getting out as much as possible.

Although there were no fish, ducks or even turtles, Addie was insistent on feeding them - and so we did.

After feeding the water, we walked over to the park and spent an abundant amount of time pushing the baby on the swing.
It was a great opportunity for me to work on coordination with Addie, and as always, she did a great job!

We then went back home in order to retrieve Rudy and take him on his first ride in his new carrier.  

Oh yes, I caught Addie trying to unzip the carrier.
Rotten little girl just wanted to "hold him".  

Rudy loves his new carrier!
The first night we received it, I got him and put him in it in the living room.
Silly cat refused to get out of the carrier and even slept in it for several hours.
He's a very unique kitty.

Friday, February 27, 2015

...and finally...

off to the pit she went.

obviously harder to navigate than it looks.

However, it doesn't stop her from doing it again!

...and, I'm still incredibly thankful for helpers!

He just couldn't stand it and had to test it out himself.

Uh-huh, like I just's harder to navigate than it looks.
Even my husband needed a helper to be free from the foam pit.

The afternoon was wrapping up, but Addie was still going full force.

Despite her energy, she was happy to sit and comply with the taking of a picture.

AND then, her favorite part - the cupcake cake ceremony.

Happy 8th Birthday Bergen!!!!