Thursday, November 25, 1999

Julien - always a silly baby!

Happy First Birthday Julien!

The year flew by too quickly and before I knew it, my baby was turning one!
We started out the day by having a private party for the family. Julien barely touched his cake and when he did get icing on his fingers, he would look at me and whine until I wiped it off for him! After this party, we all went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate with extended family and friends. Since there were so many children, we thought it would be nice to give the other kids a place to play instead of being trapped indoors with nothing to do. As always, Julien enjoyed all the excitement and even showed off his new walking skills for everyone (he started walking on October 15, 1999 - 10 1/2 months!)!

Monday, November 01, 1999

Julien's first halloween...

We started out the day by attending a football game, then off for a ride on the haunted train in Calera, followed by a trip to the zoo and then finally trick or treating with the family.

Sunday, October 24, 1999

Julien's first trip to the pumpkin patch...

I will never forget the look on Julien's face...he was so excited to see all the activity!

Saturday, October 02, 1999

Julien's second trip to the zoo...

Julien's second trip to the zoo was amazing! He was old enough to be in complete awe of the animals! He never tired of our trips to the zoo and he could sit and watch the animals for hours if I would have let him! He was always such a sweet baby!

Tuesday, August 24, 1999

Julien's first hair cut!

August 24, 1999
I took Julien for his first hair cut at nine months old! He was absolutely perfect! He sat on my lap the whole time and never so much as whimpered! From then on, getting his hair cut was a breeze!

Friday, July 16, 1999

Julien's first set of tubes...

Julien had his first set of tubes put in when he was seven months old. Everything went well and he did such a great job!

Saturday, January 02, 1999