Monday, October 13, 2008

New Balance at The Pinnacle

After our photo shoot, we decided to stop by The Pinnacle to do some shoe shopping since I am always on the hunt for shoes to fit over Monkey's braces. We stopped at New Balance primarily because that is the only store where we can find Julien shoes and if Monkey gets shoes, Julien gets shoes.

Chris carried Monkey's braces inside and we prepared for our typical spiel on the shoes we were looking for.

I know this will sound incredibly cheesy, but I seriously think the salesman, Daniel, was sent straight from heaven to help us! This guy was amazing! Not only did he treat us like royalty, but he knew what to look for with the braces and how they should fit into what type shoe. The only shoe that would work was a solid gray pair that was on the side of being too boyish. Daniel immediately got up, grabbed a pair of pink laces and put them in the shoes. I'm not talking about some sleazy salesman move, this guy was genuinely trying to HELP us!

Anyway, I submitted feedback on The New Balance website and if you guys are anywhere near The Pinnacle and in need of may want to stop in!