Thursday, October 30, 2008

A personal thank you

I would love to have the opportunity to personally thank the person at The M&M's Mars Corporation who created the new M&M's Premium - Triple Chocolate.

A hug may even be in order.

I was having a moment while we were in our local Walgreens on Sunday. I spotted the purple box very inconspicuously placed right in the middle of the Halloween candy. I mentioned to Chris that I thought maybe I should try it some time...and that some time was now.
I even offered to hold the bag when we got in the car. There really was no need to put the bag all the way in the back!
When I opened the bag, I had to try one (to make sure it was safe for everyone else - of course) and then Monkey and then Chris - Julien doesn't like chocolately chocolate (how is that possible???). I think Monkey thought she was in heaven! She kept holding out her little hand and asking for "more".
We managed to ration the bag for almost three days, but the little Monkey got so excited every time she passed by and saw the bag peeking out of my purse (in there for safe keeping - of course). She wanted "more".
I have offically turned my youngest child into an M&M lover. Whew! My birthday cakes as a child were covered in M&M's and Julien's first birthday party had an M&M theme.
Last Halloween, Monkey tried M&M's for the very first time....see the history?

So, all that to say...these things ROCK! Triple chocolate M&M's...Mmmm.

I never did get a chance to check out the nutritional label on the back of the box though...


Heather said...

How is it possible that the child whose first taste of M&Ms sent him into a state of ecsatsy does not like "chocolatey chocolate??" And, how did he spring from your womb with that affliction??
I must try these new M& know, to make sure they aren't poisonous in case Dan decides to pick some up for himself.
I think you and I deserve a medal for our selfless acts of bravery.

Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

Julien obviously gets that from Aunt Rhonda, I don't like chocolately chocolate either. Give me white chocolate anyday. I remember him in his high chair on his first birthday with his M&M cake in front of him. To think he'll be ten in 3 weeks. DON'T BLINK! Ooops, off the subject. You don't have to worry about me purchasing any of those M&M's unless they're for you or Addie.