Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sweet, sweet, sweet!

I have been meaning to share this story. When we picked Addie up from school on Tuesday, her teachers told me what Noah did earlier in the day.
(See daily slip below)
Noah's Grandmother picked him up early from school. When they were ready to leave, Noah ran over to Addie and took her hand and refused to leave until his Grandmother met Addie. The teachers said it was the sweetest thing! It is amazing how sweet all the little boys in Addie's class are to her. I thank God for those little boys. They are always trying to help Addie, whether it be from one place to another or to give her something that she wants or needs.
About two weeks a go, out of the blue, I decided to check in on Addie using the video monitor at work. It was art time, there was one little boy who was getting his diaper changed while everyone else was working on their art. When he was finished and washed his hands, instead of going over to the table for art, he ran straight to Addie and gave her a big hug! It was perfect timing that I just so happened to be watching!