Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A day full of poo

Wow...what a way to start the day! For those of you local, you know exactly what I am referring to.
For everyone else, this is the story from here.

Can I tell you that Julien is a tad bit on the side of absolutely thrilled? :)

It is just one of those things that happens, but what really irked me this morning was the moment when Chris and I asked a school administrator why the school was closed, "they" proceeded to tell me that they didn't know, it was just a "mechanical problem". I don't know, call me silly, but isn't it a parents right to know WHY their child cannot attend school...surely there is a better response, than, "I don't really know". Hmm - liar, liar, pants on fire???

Anywho, Chris and Julien got the day out of the "office" and we are juggling a few things for the next few days. I won't even discuss the whole topic of poo covering the school that our children spend so many of their waking hours in, because that would totally keep me up all night.

After a full day of work - for me - Addie and I came home, got Chris and Julien and made our way up to Lakeshore Foundation for therapy. We managed a good amount of "land therapy" but we were not able to partake of any water therapy tonight. Don't you want to take a guess as to why??? Well...the pumps stopped working and the back fill ended up in the therapy pool. Sounds oddly familiar to my first story, doesn't it?

So, when I say it was a day full of poo...I mean that literally.



Lisa said...

I saw the poo story on the news regarding the school. I bet that is a smelly situation. I am sure the kids are loving the unexpected break.