Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mommy dilemma x2

Just to clear my conscience, I have been meaning to talk about Julien for a while now. Sometimes I feel so guilty that Addie is my main topic of conversation. There are a few things behind this. Julien is growing up... :( he is very, very touchy about what I post on the blog and wants to proofread what I write before I publish it AND he is so shy and doesn't want everyone knowing everything. So, when it seems like it's all about Addie, there is a lot of behind the scenes Julien time that just isn't in writing.
I work over time trying to make things "normal" for him and try to respect his wishes and privacy. I love him beyond words and know what a gift he is to me. Julien helps make the miracles that we experience happen because of the love he has in his heart.

Errr! We got home late again tonight. Julien had a scrimmage in preparation for his first football game on Saturday. As we pass the front of the house, I see a package by the front door. As we are coming in and turning on the lights, I asked Julien to grab the package for me so that I could go and change clothes real fast. He was happy to help. I at no point told him NOT to open the package.
I came back downstairs and as I'm setting the table for dinner, Julien asked me what the (it's a secret) was for. My heart slowed, I was trying not to freak out and I asked him in my calmest, on the edge of hysteria Mommy voice why he opened the package. He proceeded to tell me that there was a "J and an R" on the front and so he thought it was his jersey. Fair enough...so I go and look at the front and it does have those letters. For the love of all things good...why??? I believe in honestly answering questions from my son, but I dodged this question like a bullet. This was just two neat Christmas items I bought for Addie and Julien that I didn't intend on taking credit for.
Got it?