Friday, October 17, 2008

A little well deserved advertising...

For all of my fellow city residents, don't forget to detour off the main road every once in a while to pay one of our local businesses a visit!

Loading Dock South is owned by an amazing family who takes pride in their business.

Chris and I were frequent visitors to their warehouse when I was pregnant with Monkey. There is nothing like being swollen, fat, nauseous and miserable while shopping in a warehouse for crown molding, doors and antique windows. I promise I probably would have thrown a tantrum had it not been for the kindness of the owners of Loading Dock South.

The owners offered me as many bottles of water as my swollen belly could take and they were extremely knowledgeable and very willing to help. I remember very clearly the moment when I thought my pregnancy induced insanity was going to snap on Chris over whether or not the door that we were debating over was going to fit downstairs in the bathroom. All of a sudden, the owner intervened (bless him) and immediately told us exactly what size door we needed and that he would be more than happy to exchange it if it didn't fit. He may have single-handily saved my marriage at that moment!

Chris and I haven't been to the warehouse since Monkey's birth. As most of you know, after all of our hard work on our house, we put it on the market soon after Monkey was born. We now have a new house that is just waiting for lots of projects to soon as life settles down a bit.

If anyone is in need of some materials while working on your DIY projects, why not shop locally?

I can't imagine you not getting the service you deserve at Loading Dock South!