Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well, That Explains It.

We attended one very important birthday party this past weekend and for the first hour after we arrived, Addie was glued to me.
When I tried to put her down or take one step away from her, she started screaming and crying.
It was great.
I had a feeling the little Monkey was getting sick, but it usually takes a couple of days before the visible signs are present.
Addie has an ear infection and what appears to be one very nasty sinus infection.
(I am thrilled about an early morning trip to the doctor.)

The party started off with Addie alternating between wanting to see what everyone was doing,

to so fearful that I was going to leave her that she put me in a choke hold,
to releasing her grip just enough so that I could take in oxygen, but not enough that I might actually be able to resume any resemblance of personal space.

Poor little Monkey is just so uneasy in new places, especially when she is around people that she doesn't see very often.

By the end of the party, she didn't want to leave...pictures coming soon!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mom Update

Round and round we go, where we stop, nobody knows!

I will try to make this story as short as possible.

Mom finally had her Cardiac Rehab eval and is trying to coordinator the EECP.
Her new/current/former Cardiologist was doing her best(?) to regulate Mom's meds and set her up for rehab...because if you remember when she had her last heart cath in December, they (meaning some of the country's best)said that surgery was not an option for Mom. That's when I went through contacting Atlanta, sending medical records, blah, blah, blah...and the physician there saying that she was not a candidate because of scar tissue, etc...

Well, that didn't sit well with any of us and so the next step was for my aunt to call in a favor. We do so try to go through the proper channels but it doesn't always work out that way.

Medical records were sent, reviewed, an appt set up and the new set of physicians see a blockage that no other physician saw. Mom is having surgery on Thursday to determine the extent of the blockage and what - if anything - can be done.

Once again, we are all incredibly hopeful.

All About Cats

It really has been all about cats at our house lately.
Rudy seems to be starting to settle in a little bit and is continuing to find himself in all kinds of predicaments.

Our little Monkey sticks right by him.

Never giving him a moments rest.
Rudy has such bad manners that even Chunkus has started trying to train him.
Before I know it, she will have him jumping through rings of fire and riding horseback.

Addie and Alley

Addie adores Alley
Giving kisses
I feel certain that Alley adores Addie and if she ever regains any blood flow, I'm sure she will confirm my belief.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our New Family Member

Welcome to the Land of Misfit Toys...

That's all I kept thinking as our newest family member was getting somewhat acclimated to his new home.
The journey that we started on back in November didn't end quite like we had planned.
I don't know which one of us made the comment a few months back that we should get another kitty.
Our immediate first reaction was that we didn't need another cat - good grief, one more thing to worry about is the last thing we wanted.
Somehow, we found ourselves on Petfinder.com.
We casually browsed the website for well over a month before we decided that maybe we were at the point where we could offer a home to a kitty in need.
We narrowed down the cats based on criteria we all agreed upon and the numbers dropped from over 14,000 to around 500 and then we narrowed it down to the top five.
That is when we started visiting local shelters, I started sending emails and making telephone calls.
All in an effort to find a kitty that would be gentle enough for Addie.
As I worked through our list, it happened that the kitty on the very bottom of our list somehow seemed to have the personality that might work for our crazy household.
We set up a meeting and went to meet him...
all the while with a heavy heart.
After all, he was at the bottom of our list and the one who we thought would be our least favorite of them all.

My heart just dropped when I saw him.
He was by far the skinniest, sickest and craziest cat of them all.
On the way back out to the car, Julien said that we had to get him because he needed a home so badly.
The cat had no manners, he was in serious need of a large vet bill, his little back bone was pressed against his skin, he was hungry...and he wanted nothing more than to put his head on my shoulder and let me pet him.
My heart overtook all sensible logic and against my better judgement, Addie and I went to get him...and took him straight to the vet.
He was a sick little kitty and was quarantined from our kitties for the first week before we took him to our new vet.
Our new vet suggested we either find him a new home or keep him away from our kitties - forever.
We left the kitty at the vet for four days and when we came back to get him this past Monday, the vet seemed a little more encouraging.
He sent kitty home on Amoxicillin and with a Rx for Zithromax in hopes that a large dose of antibiotics would clear up his terrible infection.
I have refused to bond with kitty. He has been living on our sun porch since we brought him home.
He sleeps on the sun porch or in the hall bathroom at night, enjoys the view on the porch during the day and while we are home in the evening, he spends his time curled up on whoever has an available lap.

He is making good progress with his health, which means he is breaking through the stone cold wall of my heart.
This was day two when we brought him home.
Julien convinced me to go to the craft store and buy supplies for them to make the kitties new toys.
They did a fabulous job and Addie loved playing with the new kitty.
He is 9 1/2  months old and there is no telling what he has been through since birth.

I can tell you that he wants nothing more than to spend time with our kitties and he wants nothing more than to be next to us.
He is gentle and is going to be a giant - his paws are the size of a lions.
He should be well enough to start spending all of his time in the house within the next few days.
We decided on a name.
Since the odds were against him and he has spent his life as the underdog, we decided to name him Rudy.
The odds may have been against him, but he is overcoming the odds and winning over the heart of everyone who meets him.
He may not be the kitty we set out to bring into our home, but he is the kitty that God sent to us and we are growing to love him more each day...
despite his lack of manners...
So far, Rudy has made several odd choices...
Julien stepped into the shower and before the door was closed, Rudy stepped into the shower with Julien...and stood there, pawing at Julien's leg while the water poured down. 
Rudy stuck his head in my coffee this morning.  I have to say that I was more perturbed than he was.
Then tonight, he jumped on the table and curled up next to Addie's plate during dinner.  She was less than happy about it and I can't quite describe to you the emotions that it brought about in me.
Chris took him in the living room and had a little chat with him and told him that in some parts of the world, he would have been dinner for pulling a stunt like that.

Whew....poor kitty has some learning to do.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday C'Jay and M.K.

Last weekend, we attended our cousins birthday party.
C'Jay and M.K. had a skating birthday party and Julien and Addie were all about it!
Addie was really excited about getting to skate like everyone else.
She was such a sweet girl and we went around the rink probably a dozen times before she was absolutely worn out!
Watching Julien!

I absolutely have a death grip on her little hand. 
I was so afraid she was going to fall, but she did so good "skating" all around!
She was so happy to be right in the middle of all the fun and I love having the opportunity to have her participate in activities just like every other child.

After the first few trips around, my niece came out to help us.
Once Gabi started holding Addie's other hand, Addie's confidence went through the roof and she tried her best to "skate" faster and faster.
Thank you Gabi for your help
thank you C'Jay and M.K. for inviting us to your party!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not Bad...

It was from this view...
That he got this deer.

My dad was an amazing outdoors man. He spent his time hunting, fishing, camping and boating. He died the year before Julien was born, so Julien missed out on having all those experiences.
Thanks to Chris having great friends, Julien (and Chris) were invited down to Selma to go hunting.

On Julien's very first hunting trip and his very first time to aim at a deer, he got this guy with one clean shot straight through the heart.

I was incredibly impressed.
I told him he gets his good aim from me...

Keep in mind that in our house, we are constantly playing pranks on each other, so we have gotten to the point where we don't know when to believe each other and when not to.

The text conversation went like this:
Earlier in the day...

Julien: So...are you going to get him?
Me: Who?
Julien: The Cat
Me: Maybe
Julien: Did you get him?
Me: Who?
Julien: The Cat

Later in the day....

Julien: I just shot one!
Me: A Cat?!?!?!?!
Julien: No! A Deer!
Me: What? NO way! 
Me:  Did you really?
Me:  Prove it!  I want a picture.

That's when I started texting Chris who was already texting me....the texts went back and forth and when it came down to the final text, I just didn't believe either one of them...

until Julien showed up at home with a deer head in the back of the truck and a spent shell casing in his pocket.

A snot nosed little punk, otherwise known as one of Julien's "friends" told him that there is no way he would have shot a deer if it wasn't at least an eight point.

I told Julien that the deer population can become remarkably overcrowded in Alabama leading to deer disease and starvation and that he did the human and deer residents of Alabama a favor.
(That's not what I really wanted to say, but that was the right thing to say.)

Regardless of if it was a massive buck or not, that was one darn good shot and I'm very proud of Julien!

Monday, January 23, 2012

An Amazing Caregiver

Addie has a very soft heart for animals.
She is very sweet and loving and enjoys hugging, kissing and brushing our kitties.
Addie would brush our kitties for hours if we would let her.
The kitties don't mind, but I have a feeling one day they are going to end up with bald spots where Addie has brushed all of their fur away.
Alley - the fat brat - just sits and takes it.

Our poor kitties are getting old and starting to really slow down.
It works in Addie's favor because they don't mind sitting with her.
They just don't realize how lucky they are to have Addie as one of their caregivers.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Best Birthday Present Ever

Addie doesn't ask for anything and 98% of her toys, she never plays with.
If it involves a baby doll, a book or markers, then it immediately has her attention.
Otherwise, she doesn't pay it too much attention.
In my quest to find her a gift from us, I ran across a nursery center.
It has a "washer", "sink", changing station and high chair...all for her baby doll's.
I thought she would love it.
She was incredibly interested, but what really caught her attention...
was the box it came in.
I can't tell you how many hours we have spent coloring it, putting stickers on it and allowing her and the kitties to play in it.
Once again, I tried...and failed.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wrapping up the Night

On the way back to the condo, my niece rode with us so that she could help out with Addie.
She was so sleepy,
but found the silliest things very amusing!
My niece tried her best to teach Addie how to hold her breath and then smush in her cheeks to make funny noises....so much better than listening to Addie cry! 
Despite me being sick and despite not everything being absolutely perfect, Addie had a wonderful 5th Birthday!

Thank you all again for your continued support for our family.
Your prayers mean so much to us and your support and love for Addie gets us through each day.
December 31, 2011

Addie's Happy Birthday Presents

I love how she enjoys opening her presents!
She was very patient when she needed help.
My sister got Addie a new pillow for the car.
What a perfect fit!
She got a new therapy game - all about ducks!

My Mom got Addie a new baby that sings ABC's and 123's and teaches her about buttons, belts and zippers.

Birthday Lovin's

We hurried through opening presents because we were heading to Addie's birthday dinner.
We chose the Dixie Stampede because we knew Addie would love it!
She had such a wonderful time, clapping and yelling right along with everyone else!
It was a Christmas theme, so there were so many really neat scenes including acrobatic dancing toys and Addie was enthralled.
She wouldn't take her eyes off of them for anything!
At the very end, out came Santa and as soon as Addie saw him she went from clapping and smiling to tense and worried.
She watched Santa as he went all around the arena and she wasn't content until Santa was well out of sight and we reassured her that Santa had in fact gone, "bye-bye".
Addie had a wonderful time and it made me happy to see her smiling and enjoying her big day!

December 31, 2011

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Cupcake Cake!

Sweet little Monkey was so excited about her cake!
She waited so patiently for everyone to arrive.
Still waiting patiently...
and then it was time!
She didn't mind everyone singing to her.
I love her sweet little face!
Such a simple celebration, but yet, she was so happy!
She knows you clap when the "Happy Birthday Song" is over!
She tried to blow out her candle...
and she tried...
and tried some more...
I finally picked her up so that she could get a better angle!
...and finally!
Sweet Baby Girl's wait for her cupcake cake was over!