Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another Day with Family

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, we were on our way to another family event
this Little Monkey was thrilled to have her Baby dressed in her very best party outfit.  

She agreed to a few photos,

but wasn't always amused.

Sweet Girl loves spending time with family!

She is beautiful!
I am one very lucky Mommy!

My aunt and brother.

Just us.

Addie really was proud of her baby, and asked me to take picture after picture of her.

Julien took the picture - not professional quality, but I'll take it.

Addie and Gabi - sweet cousins.

The biggest surprise of all was getting to see her Uncle Doodie!!!!
Addie loves her Uncle Doodie and she even managed to pawn babysitting duty off on him.
She has some pretty amazing uncle's!

Uh-oh...Uncle Doodie was telling her it was time for him to leave.
Thankfully, we have a few more days with him before he heads back north.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Being 16

I wouldn't want to be a teenager again - for anything,
but there are certain aspects of it that I would like to incorporate into my grown up life.

Such as having the time and freedom to travel all over town with my friends just to take the newest and coolest picture of my car.

I think I'm going to have to make time for just that.

Monday, September 07, 2015


I'm starting off this football season by dressing my sweet girl in non-committal orange and blue and teaching her the appropriate greeting/response/confirmatory statement/celebratory phrase of the coveted elephant simply known as, "Roll Tide".  

I refuse to succumb to the pressure of choosing between my family and my husband. 

This year, I will happily attend all football celebrations and partake in any and all party dips regardless of the orange or crimson dish in which it sits. 

I. Am Switzerland. 

Welcome to Football Season!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Post-Op Check-Up

Addie's post-op visit went very well!

Both of her new tubes are open 
her "new" little ear looks beautiful!

We are now past the point of having to be super careful with her little ear
she can return to normal "girl" PE - meaning she cannot wear helmets or participate in football, wrestling or lacrosse, but most everything else.
We still have to be aware of the possibility of her ear getting bumped or hit, but we don't have to be on edge every second of the day!

Addie is good to go - for one entire year - before her next visit.

Thank goodness for the Disney Channel while being confined to a little room for an hour.