Monday, October 13, 2008

Rotten to the core, core, core!!!

Today was our photo shoot with Kim. This session was for Monkey's twenty-one month pictures and also her photo shoot to show off her new Halloween costume.

As most of you know, Monkey is in love with the camera (and mirrors) and is a total ham. I could make excuses all day long for her behavior this afternoon - our session was right in the middle of nap, she is teething, she wanted a snack, blah, blah, blah, but what it mostly came down to is that Monkey is rotten!

As soon as we got to the studio, Monkey spotted a basket full of hay and apples and was dead set on taking the apples out of the basket. Not a big deal, she can hold the apples for the photo shoot...not good enough for Monkey. She was not going to cooperate and showed Kim a bit of her personality. Thank goodness Kim is blessed with patience, because I was worn out. Monkey has mastered top speed!

Kim showed me some of the pictures and I know we at least have a few good ones.

We already have her two-year session booked and next time Monkey will be back to her old, sweet, loving, camera hogging self!

Thanks Kim for all you do!

Here is Kim's web address for all who are interested: