Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flu shots

Dare I annoy anyone else with my opinion on vaccinations?

Everyone knows where I stand and since flu season is upon us, I had to make the decision on whether to get the flu vaccine or not.

Chris and I can get the vaccine at work and I took advantage of that opportunity because I can't imagine my life being put on hold for a week or two if I came down with the flu.

Then I had to decide about my children. Do I allow some foreign substance to be injected into their bodies or do I risk a horrible sickness that could end in death?

When it is phrased just so, it is easy to choose the former over the latter.

I made the appointments and took Julien and Addie in this afternoon. After two years of allergy shots, Julien is a trooper with shots. I reminded him that it would be no different than an allergy shot and in fact, he is the one who asked me last weekend when I was making his appointment to get the vaccine. :)

Julien went first. He rolled up his sleeve and as soon as Addie saw the needle, she started whining. I told her that Julien was okay, it was a quick boo-boo (Addie understands boo-boo, so I use the term for vaccinations, bumps, etc..,) and he would be all better. Julien didn't flinch, got his band-aid and then it was time for Addie's vaccine.

I sat Addie in my lap (because you all know I refuse to lay her down on the table), rolled up her pants leg, told her to hold onto baby and that she was going to get a boo-boo. She didn't take her eyes off the nurse as she wiped her leg with the alcohol wipe and brought the needle near. Addie watched as the nurse inserted the needle into her leg and injected the vaccine. Addie watched as the nurse put her boo-boo band-aid on...Addie never whined or made a sound.

I can't figure it out. I don't know if she is just that use to being poked and prodded...or what. Whatever it may be, my two little ones are now officially vaccinated (hopefully) against the flu bug.

You know I have been watching them both like hawks tonight. Just to make sure they are fine!