Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monkey's first trip to the dentist!

I researched for months, trying to decide on a dentist for Monkey. Julien has been using a dentist that was recommended by Dr. Dudgeon seven years ago and not that there is anything wrong with him, I just felt that Monkey needed a dentist with a little more fluff. I found a dentist with a pediatric special needs background. I called and waited for two-months for our appointment this afternoon.

Before I get into the specifics, I have to tell you how great this dentist is! I chose Dr. Clark Thomas at Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry. I was hoping for a great first impression and boy did I get one!

First of all, Dr. Thomas took care of Monkey the entire time, not the hygienist. I didn't ask, but I am assuming it is because she is special needs, because the hygienist took care of Julien before Dr. Thomas came over.

Dr. Thomas was so patient and kind and I don't think he will ever realize how much that means to me. He treated Monkey "normal" and never questioned her diagnosis.

Monkey was nervous, but did a great job! She whined a little, but Dr. Thomas was able to polish her teeth and even apply the fluoride! He said that her teeth looked great, that (dentally) she was right on track and that there were no concerns (dentally).

Julien did great as always - no cavities - as always. :)

We are good to go until April!