Monday, March 31, 2008

My Addie Article

I received some questions about "My Addie Article".
I never posted a copy before, so for those of you that never saw it, here it is.
The purpose behind the article was to educate people in our community about Addie.
We were presented with a few very difficult situations and I really think it was because people are a little caught off guard when they see Addie because they don't know her diagnosis and they don't know how to find the right words to ask about her.
I thought there was no better way to tell people about her than to write an article for our local paper.
The response from our community has been phenomenal!
Chris and I have no plans of leaving this area, so we want people to know Addie and to love her for the beautiful baby she is and the beautiful adult she will be.


Addie's fever is staying between 103.3-103.5. Dr. Dudgeon did a complete work-up, checking for strep, the flu, a UTI and any bacterial infections. He found nothing! That is great except there is nothing they can give for a viral infection...Addie just has to tough it out! I asked Dr. Dudgeon what happened to the good old days when they would give a shot for everything! Geez...those days were nice. :)

Chunkus is now weighing in at 19 pounds 1 ounce.

Not so happy fifteen-month birthday

Addie is really, really sick. Her fever climbed to 103.5 at midnight and Chris and I are watching her like a hawk. We have an 11:00 appointment with Dr. Dudgeon today.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

No fair again!

My sister got her pictures from Kim yesterday, but I still don't have mine...Our mail "person" must have skipped over us! Here are a few of the group and my nieces.

A great big-brother!

This weekend has been crazy busy! This morning we had to meet Chris' family for brunch at Ross Bridge, so our morning was hectic as usual. Addie is not feeling well and fussy, so I asked Julien to hold her while I got dressed. I had only managed to get half dressed when I realized they were being WAY too quiet. I peeked around the corner and this is what I found. Addie immediately snuggled right into Julien and fell asleep. She loves him so much...

Photo shoot

Addie did GREAT at her photo shoot today. She was a bit fussy while we were waiting our turn, but as soon as she saw the camera, she was as happy as a little clam! The only other child that we saw in the special needs category was just precious. My heart just ached when I saw him, I know just how much this must mean to his family. The winner is chosen through an on-line voting process. They hope to get the pictures posted later in the week. I will let everyone know when voting can begin. The contest will end May 31st and the winner will be announced in July. The really neat part is that all of the finalists pictures will be published in the May edition! I will keep everyone updated!

That's what I'm talking about!

Go Slammers!
Today was Julien's first game of the season and they won 16-1!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Chris and I enjoyed another date night last night, this time at Shula's. Dinner was nice, but I think the chocolate lava cake set me back at least six pounds...
After dinner, it took valet a few minutes to get our car. He pulled up with this gorgeous 700 series BMW and was very insistent that it was our car. When we looked inside and didn't see Addie's car seat, 25 toys, 3 diaper bags and 1 bat bag, we realized there was a mix up. Poor guy didn't really believe us, bless his heart...had we been dishonest people, he would have been out of a job and Hoover police would have been on one more high speed chase than usual.... :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Great job Julien!!!

Julien made "A" honor roll! I am so proud of him, I couldn't ask for a better son! His teacher, Ms. Hood, graciously posed for a picture with him (she truly is what a teacher is meant to be!).

No fair! :)

My sister and niece went on a "trip of a lifetime" to Germany, Sweden and Austria for eight days. She sent me the pictures this morning. This is The Heidelberg Castle in Germany (absolutely breathtaking) and my sister and niece all suited up to go into the salt mines, now that's what I'm talking about - put them to work!

When Addie gets older, we will travel more. I have to get the 50th state "under my belt" and then venture to Germany. My brother lived in Germany and then more family got to visit - we're next...IF Addie ever gets use to that mean old car seat AND if I can talk Julien onto an airplane!


Addie got some bumblebees from the Easter Bunny. She was so tickled by all of them and just giggled while I was singing her bumblebee song. Sweet Julien is sitting right behind her helping out too. She had the best time!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My "Addie Article"

I want to thank everyone for the amazing support and kind comments in response to my "Addie Article"! Since it was published, we have been approached by people everywhere and have received only positive feedback. Your kind words mean the world to us!
Thank you!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wish us luck!

My sister emailed me a link earlier this month to Birmingham Parent Magazine. The magazine was conducting a photo contest and one of the categories was "special needs". After a lot of consideration, I decided to enter Addie. The proceeds from the registration fee was donated to Mitchell's Place, so I knew I was helping a great cause if nothing else. I got a phone call on Monday telling me that Addie made it to the final five! We go this Saturday for a photo shoot. I am not 100% sure, but I think at this stage it is a voting process from the readers of the magazine. I am fine if Addie doesn't "win", I am just so proud of her for making it to the finals! It was a great boost for me to know that although Addie is considered a special needs baby, there were people out there who thought she was beautiful enough to make it to the finals in a photo contest! If we make it further than this, I just pray that it is so I can share Addie's story and how God is working miracles through her! Wish us luck!

Great job Julien!

Julien came home from school today and excitedly pulled up the school's website. He showed me his newest power point presentation that he created. His technology teacher chose his as the best out of his class and put it on her blog. Way to go Julien - wonder who he gets all his techy skills from... :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Picture of the day...

Easter Day

We spent the day at the lake with my family. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the change in atmosphere. This year was a bit different for me. This was the first year that Julien didn't want to participate in the family egg hunt and at the same time, the first year that Addie was old enough to hunt, but didn't. Regardless, I had a fun time watching and helping the other little guy's. By the way, those fish just were not biting time Julien!


We decided to go to the early service at church this morning. Not the best decision on our part, because it messed up Addie's schedule. She did well during the service, but was so sleepy. She did however manage to embarrass Chris and me by spitting a raisin over the pew in front of us, onto the floor between two women. :) This is what we get for trying to cram our day full of activities and rearranging our schedule. These aren't the best pictures, but it was really early and Addie is so sleepy. Julien wasn't at home this morning, so I'm hoping to get lots of pictures of both of my babies later today (notice I didn't make Addie wear a dress!). We are off to the lake, wish us luck with the long car ride and one fussy baby! HAPPY EASTER!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Tough decisions

Last week, Chris and I were faced with the choice of leaving Addie in her current class at school or moving her up to the next class with her peers. The decision was so difficult because Addie is so far behind her friends with regards to her physical milestones. Also, although the ratio is 1:5, I was petrified that Addie would be lost in the crowd because she typically is such a good baby. Since she isn't mobile, it would be easy for a lazy teacher to put Addie in the floor with toys and "forget" about her because she doesn't demand a whole lot of attention. Not that I had concerns about any particular teacher, but Addie's current teachers have went above and beyond my expectations to ensure that Addie is able to do everything her friends can do and to give Addie the extra attention that she unfortunately has to have. The decision was so difficult that just the thought was making me ill. I turned it over to God and knew that the decision would be made clear to me. A few days later, the decision was made for me. Although the ratio in Addie's new class is 1:5, the director has received permission from corporate to move one of Addie's current teachers with her to the next class (and the next and the next - if needed), which means the ratio will be 2:5 and Addie will receive the attention that she needs. The other "problem" that was so upsetting to me is that in the next class, all the babies eat at a "big table". Addie is not even close to being able to achieve this. I couldn't allow Addie to be the only baby eating in a highchair, while all her friends were at a table. I decided that I would measure the chairs and see if I could find someone through The Bell Center to make me a chair for Addie. This problem was also resolved today. The director and assistant director at school found a chair that is the appropriate measurements, has sides and a buckle and will fit perfectly at the little tables! This means that Addie will be able to eat her meals with her friends! Once again, God has placed amazing people in my path, who are willing to go the extra mile to help Addie succeed! I couldn't be more thankful! Addie moves to her new class March 31st!

Super tough week

Addie has been going through a tough time at school this week. She is normally so happy and content, but she has been hysterical and clingy all week. The situation got so bad yesterday that I had to go to school to comfort Addie. She wouldn't eat for her teacher's and was just inconsolable. I calmed Addie down, fed her lunch and waited until she was asleep before leaving. Today was almost as bad. We have been "troubleshooting" the situation, trying to figure it all out. I don't know if she is getting sick, an ear infection, teething or if there is something else going on. This is very upsetting to Addie's teachers and us. Hopefully, this is just a bad week - spring break and a little off normal routine - and Addie will be back to her normal, happy self by Monday!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Learning to "give"...

We (Chris, Addie's therapists and I) have been working with Addie trying to teach her to "give". Tonight, she finally showed us just how sweet and smart she is! Chris was sitting on the floor with Addie and she scooted over to him and gave him a block. Chris immediately called me in the living room and had Addie do it again and then I of course had to try myself! She is being so sweet and trying her best to give us whatever she may have in her little hands! One more small sign of progression! All the glory to God!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thanks Mom!

My Mom took Julien and my niece, Gabi to Tennessee for a few days. They had a great time and went to every attraction in Chattanooga (or so it seemed)! I think Julien and Gabi took full advantage of the best GaGa in the world, they came back with tons of souvenirs and Julien is still talking about how much fun he had! Thanks Mom!


Addie has some very sweet friends at school. Although Addie is the oldest in her class (by a few weeks) everybody but Addie is already walking, so it can be tough for her. She sees all her other friends going from place to place and if there is a toy that she wants, but can't get to, it is easy for another child to take it. I know, I happens to every baby, but this is different. Michael is a very sweet little baby who seems to really like Addie. When I picked Addie up today, this was the note on her sheet:

I can only pray that Addie will continue to have sweet friends who will love her and help her.

Monday, March 17, 2008

And for everything else...

Hot pink braces - $906.00
The only shoes big enough to fit over the braces - $46.00
Knowing that my baby will learn to walk - priceless

Addie is doing very well with her new braces. I on the other hand almost had a break down in Stride Rite yesterday during the attempt to find Addie shoes that would fit over her braces. I tried several different styles of shoes - including the double extra wide tennis shoes - the only shoe that fit were these hideously ugly sandals. In the whole scheme of things, I shouldn't be so focused on shoes, but I was hoping to find a pretty shoe that fit Addie's personality and these just don't. I'm going to research on-line to see if I have any more luck. For now, Addie is set. She is very interested in her braces and does a great job putting one little foot in front of the other! I am just thrilled to think that this might be the magic key that helps Addie learn to walk.
Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. Addie will get this and I can't wait to show the world how she will continue to prove "them" all wrong!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hoppity, hop, hop

Easter Egg Hunt

Today was the annual Easter Egg Hunt at work. All the events were inside the parking deck because of the weather, so most of the pictures have lovely backgrounds, i.e. electrical cords, oil stains... :)
This was the first year that Julien was considered an "adult" and couldn't participate in the egg hunt. I just can't believe that eight years have passed since the first time we attended this event! That first year, I still had to hold Julien's hand and help him pick up the eggs because the eggs were too big for his little hands. This year, he was helping Addie pick up the eggs...
This was Addie's first year to attend; I just couldn't bring her last year. Addie had a really great time! She is such a people watcher (nosey britches) and is very content just to sit back and watch. She brought baby with her and refused to let go of her... It was tough for me to watch all the other babies playing in the balls, throwing and kicking the bouncy balls or picking out eggs. It didn't appear to bother Addie that she wasn't doing what the other babies were...but it bothered Julien and me. Maybe next year will be different.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Trying out the new braces...

Addie got her braces today. I think it will definitely take some time for both of us to adjust to them. Heather was very pleased at how well Addie was standing in them!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sneak peek from Kim...

Kim sent a preview of the bunny pictures. Thanks Kim! I wonder what that little bunny was whispering in Addie's ear?