Friday, October 30, 2015


Some of the best days begin with doing nothing but enjoying the moment. 

Coffee cup, kitties, sunshine and pumpkins made this little girl happy and content. 

I didn't fight the battle of brushing her hair or having her wear sensible shoes.

I stayed back and just watched and enjoyed my precious little miracle. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sweet Friends

Addie is beyond blessed to be surrounded by sweet and loving friends. 

THIS warms my heart. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Return to the Pumpkin Patch

We are definitely trying to make up for not taking part in any fall celebration last year
we picked the most beautiful day to get a start on it!

At first, Addie wasn't sure what to think of the over sized Minion

but it didn't take her long to realize she thought it was pretty neat.

My little photographer was all over the place and loved taking pictures of everything!

She did manage to take a break long enough to look for the perfect pumpkin.
However, she didn't realize that it was going to be a little too big for her to carry.
There was no being a helper this time!

Addie loved the hayride and didn't want to be distracted from keeping a very close watch on her prized pumpkin.

The corn maze was a complete nightmare to navigate Addie through.
Her little feet were tangled in every hose and weed along the way.
We ended up on the other side of the maze, in the very wrong area, nothing that a trek along the border of the maze and back into civilization didn't fix.

An Addie sized inflatable.
I put my extreme germaphobe issue aside and dropped her into the pit along with the hay and dirt from all the kids that came before.

Baby was not to be left behind, and made maneuvering the steps a little more challenging.

Despite her best efforts, she still needed some help.
Julien kept a VERY close watch on her and when he realized she was struggling, he reached in to offer her a hand.

We ended up back at the patch for Julien and Bailey to pick a pumpkin
and Addie had to investigate each one along the way.

Julien - our hero!

Addie's baby must have been getting restless, because she stood patting her baby and telling her it was going to be OK.

The bunnies, pigs, goats and chickens were all fun to look at, but Addie was less than thrilled at the idea of touching any of them.

Corn - more fun than sand - and easier to clean.

It was almost closing time and only a few people left at the farm, so of course Julien - once again - became the hero of the day.

We had the most beautiful Alabama weather all weekend long, and we took advantage of it by spending the entire weekend outside.
Sweet memories with my sweet babies!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Babies are Expensive!

We try our very best to include Addie on all daily activities, even when it isn't the easiest way or least expensive way.

Taking Addie to the store with us doesn't mean just buying groceries, she now needs to make sure her babies are taken care of as well.

We ended up with a cart full of wipes, diapers, bibs and bottles before we even realized what happened.

Addie just loves being a helper, and adores taking care of her babies and when the two are combined, it makes Addie very happy and sweet.

Being the good and conscientious shopper that Addie is, she put back all but one item for her baby.
It took a minute to make the decision, but she did it, without a making a fuss.
Makes for a very good day for us!

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Shoes and More Shoes

Addie is working hard, trying to learn so many different things.
She tries - so hard.

She is still working on learning to put on her shoes.

These shoes are a little too big for her, which happened to be a good thing on this particular day.

Julien and I were standing right by her, when she grabbed her shoes and slipped her left shoe on without too much effort.  
We were both looking on, so very proud, waiting for her to get the right shoe on as well.

She tried...and tried...

and just at the brink of her getting frustrated and upset, Julien stepped in to make it all better.

The Little Monkey is making progress.
Slow progress, but progress.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Helpin and Tiny Shoes

Addie and her love of babies continues.
She adores each and every one of them and most of her free time is spent taking care of them.  

Addie convinced herself that the babies shoes could somehow fit her little feet and she was bound and determined to put them on.

After trying unsuccessfully for several minutes, she asked me to, "helpin", which is one of our very favorite things to hear her say!
"Helpin" is one way she asks us to help her.
Even Julien will drop what he's doing when he hears those words.

I finally got the shoes on and tied and she was one happy little girl.