Thursday, October 30, 2008

New braces

Addie was cast for new braces...

these are much higher.

It's not easy sitting and going through samples of different colors for braces and straps, it's not like picking paint colors. I was picking the colors for my baby's braces...the braces that will go on her perfect little legs. The perfect little legs that were never supposed to walk.

Addie will have beautiful red braces, with puppies and kitties on the straps...just in time for the holidays.


Polly & Steve said...

Red is the perfect color and is one of my favorite colors.....Go Addie! Hugs and stay away from those old clowns! Come by Braelinn Village for our parade this afternoon if you get this it starts at 5. Happy Halloween Addie and Jullian.
Polly and Steve