Sunday, August 12, 2012

Holy crap.....

We waited and waited and waited.....waited for the trauma patient who bumped mom, waited patiently for her turn, waited for all the nutrition to vacate her stomach, and when we were told it was her turn and we stepped out, we found out that they couldn't do the surgery for 48 hours...because she is on blood thinners. Granted, I don't possess a medical degree, but I would think that some medical professional would have picked up on that before over twelve hours of waiting passed.

She is critical, the Neurologist said the surgery couldn't wait, but the judgement call has been made.

Those of you who know me know that I am being nice and polite in my writings.

My Mother's life is literally on the line and we don't have a medical and surgical team who are communicating...or reading a medical chart. I thought tomorrow would bring us more hope, that we would see improvement after the surgery.

I know God has his plan. I know that.

We are just reaching a breaking point, especially when I told doctor after doctor for six days that something was wrong with her back. We all told them. We know her. They don't and she doesn't have the voice to speak for herself right now.

We are exhausted. I keep telling my Mother that everybody is taking such good care of her. I want to mean it.