Monday, August 20, 2012

Day Thirteen - Mom Update

Today marks two weeks since my Mother became ill and went to UAB and thirteen days since she was admitted to the MICU.

The doctors decided today that she was stable enough to move out of ICU...except there are no available beds, so she gets to enjoy the luxury accommodations of the MICU for another night.

Mom's oxygen level has been really unstable if they try to remove her from it.  Her BP and temperature likes to keep everyone guessing, but overall, she has stabilized!

She even gets to partake in a liquid diet tomorrow....Mmmmm.

However, the medications continue to make life pretty miserable for us all.
When I went to see her this morning, she didn't recognize me at first.
She tried to talk to me some, but couldn't stay awake  - either that or my obviously entertaining stories just knocked her right out.

Two weeks in, we are making great progress!