Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kindergarten - Day Three

Addie was once again extremely excited about getting ready for school.
The only difference about this particular morning, was that it would be her first day in car rider line.

Julien has been a car rider since Addie was in my womb, so I figured she should have absorbed the ritual by now.
We pull up to the school, profess our well wishes for the day, Julien gets out of the car, we wave, we drive off.

On the way to school, I talked to Addie about it in an annoyingly happy voice.
Once we were in car rider line and almost to the drop off point, I unbuckled her, sat her on my lap and gathered her backpack and snack bag.
When we saw Mrs. Anita, we stopped, and I got out with Addie.
I handed her bags to Mrs. Anita, gave Addie a little hug and then waved like a lunatic with a ridiculously happy smile on my face.
The entire time, Addie was looking at me with the most awful, confused little face - ever.
Mrs. Anita held Addie's hand and started walking her to the door of the school.

When I got back in the car, I looked again at her and waved and I seriously thought she was going to hit meltdown.
She could not figure out why I had just thrown her out of the car onto the sidewalk and was about to drive least that's how she probably saw the whole situation unfold.

It was awful and I know it will take some time for her to get acclimated to the routine.

But, still.
Her confused little face just broke my heart.

She had a great day at school, and was so happy to see us when we came to pick her up!

So far, everyone seems to love Addie!!!

Day Three of Big Girl Kindergarten School
My sleepy little Princess in yellow.

But not too tired to smile for the camera.

August 22, 2012