Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kindergarten - Day Five

Addie was excited when I told her it was time for school! 

While sitting in car rider line this morning, she was shaking and so nervous. 
I know she is anxious, but she is so brave. 

 When I got out and handed her over to Mrs. Anita, Addie was still very nervous, although she did wave back this morning! 
That - is progress. 
Mrs. Anita has an amazing energy that surrounds her and helps to put Addie at ease.

 It wasn't long before I received word that Addie was having another rough day. 
She was very sad and weepy. 
 It has been such a long week for her and I can only imagine how tired she is from it all. 

  I am so proud of Addie for being sweet this week and for being a good girl for her teachers and aides. 

 I know as time goes on, she will become acclimated with the schedules and it will be easier for her. 

 I can't wait to share updates, I am truly excited to see what each day brings!


 Day five - Rainbow...not so bright.

Later in the evening, Addie was sitting on my lap and she held up one hand and said, "Five".
I asked her if she was telling me how old she is and she nodded the affirmative!
I really hope that is what she was trying to tell me, because if so, that is pretty exciting news for us!
Of course, I will continue to drill her to confirm whether or not that is truly what she was saying.
 August 24, 2012