Saturday, August 18, 2012

Getting Ready for Her Big Day

As soon as we left daycare, we went straight to Addie and Julien's hair appointment.

Addie is usually very timid when we enter the salon and it took a good year of her going into the salon before she didn't have a complete meltdown.
This time though, was completely unlike anything I've ever seen.

She promptly walked to the chair when it was her turn, and she didn't even get nervous when the big purple cape was placed over her.
Sadly enough, I was juggling helping Addie while talking to Mom's doctor at UAB who just so happened to call at one of the worst possible times, so I really missed getting to enjoy watching Addie.

She did such a good job!

After she was all finished and Julien was all finished, I was busy talking, so Addie climbed into the chair and sat, just looking at herself.
Everyone got the biggest kick out of her, so I had to capture the moment!

She was so sweet...until I told her it was time to go.

That's when she went from this sweet, little angel to a possessed little fungusy primate.

I couldn't bribe her out of the salon for nothing, so I finally just had to pick her up and walk out.
That's when she did something that is so completely rare.
She threw a tantrum on the sidewalk in front of the salon.
I was beyond humiliated.

I suppose that after five years of trying to acclimate the Little Monkey to the world of beauty salons, she has finally figured it all out and wasn't ready to end her time of pampering.

As a side note - a dedicated reader of the blog was in the salon at the same time and was sweet enough to introduce herself!
After Addie was finished with her hair cut, she wanted to look around the corner where the hair coloring station is.
She must still be very nervous of that area of the salon and in an effort to look around the corner, but stay as far away as possible, she ended up leaning over the legs of the lady who reads our blog - go figure!
I felt so very honored and loved that Addie was initially on her very best behavior, I just hated that it was at a time when I was so distracted.

I always appreciate the sincere and sweet words from everyone and it means so much to have prayers from people that we have never even met.


Granna said...

Tonight when I pray for my grandchildren's (and mine)school year, I will add another Addie to my prayers. I will pray that just the right teacher with her best interest at heart will meet her at the door and see all of her potential! I will also pray for her parents who serve as her advocates on this journey. Can't wait to hear about her first day!

Jenn said...

Thank you Granna! I appreciate your prayers and well wishes!