Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kindergarten - Day Two

Addie was very excited to go back to Kindergarten on her second day.
She is especially proud and overly protective of her backpack.

Chris and I walked her in to school and quickly left without any drama.

When we picked her up from school, she was all smiles!

She had a terrific day at school and was so happy to show us - with the assistance of her aides - the stretching exercise she learned in P.E.

When we got home, she was so very sleepy, but there was no hysterical crying!

We were able to go outside for a while and enjoy the mild weather before she crashed for the evening.

She slept straight through the night - THANK YOU KINDERGARTEN!


Day two - pretty in purple...
and a huge thanks to one of my co-workers for monogramming Addie's dress, lunch bag and backpack for her!

Addie was still so very sleepy.

While I was trying to get her to look at the camera, she kept scooting closer to me until finally she was basically stepping on my feet.

She was d-o-n-e with pictures.

After school, Addie in all of her sleepy mess of a state, took her note from her new OT out of her folder.

She had a crayon and started to color on the back.
When I asked for the note back, she refused and turned it into a game of cat and mouse.

When she made it to the powder room, she proceeded to drop the crayon into the potty.
Just as soon as I finished retrieving the crayon from the potty, she then decided to see exactly how I would react when she put the note into the potty.

She was 
off - the - hook.

August 21, 2012